Is There a Link Between Office Morale & Cleanliness? By Levente Katona

Is There a Link Between Office Morale and Cleanliness?

Summer is here with its longer days, brighter sun, and a tendency for us all to stare longingly out of the window at the warm world beyond. Of course, as a high-rise window cleaner we are out and about in the sunshine all day, but for the rest of you, who only get to look out through the windows we clean (if you’re one of the lucky ones), the cleanliness, or otherwise, of your window on the world could have a profound impact on the way you feel at work.

You may be thinking ‘Of course you’d say that – you’re a window cleaner!’, but there are many ways that windows can impact on an employee’s day.

Implied respect, or lack of

First of all, the cleanliness of your office, including its windows, shows how much a business owner or office manager cares about the people they work with. Staff can start to feel quite disrespected if they have to work in a messy, dirty office, week after week. And if the standard the boss is setting is summed up by grubby windows, then you can expect more dingy deals than blue-sky thinking (sorry, couldn’t resist).


This is a huge focus for employees now, and many people actively seek out organisations that will support their day-to-day happiness. Don’t forget that most people spend more time at work than they do at home. Details, such as cleanliness, can make a huge difference to the mindset, trust and loyalty of employees you want to stick by you and do their best every day for the business. Have you ever noticed that when the windows in your office are dulled by dust and dirt the place feels darker, greyer and smaller, but when they are clean there’s more of a feeling of light and space? If you’ve noticed it, then your staff, clients and customers will have also.

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While we’re on the subject of clients and customers, cleanliness can say a lot about you and your business to those who deal with you or buy from you as well. People will make judgements about how your lack of attention to detail and respect for your offices and employees might reflect on the care that they expect from your organisation’s products or services. Well, you know what they say about first impressions…

Health and sick days

Dark and dingy workplaces are often lit with nothing more than fluorescent lights and the glow of computer screens, which could result in more eyestrain, headaches and tiredness in your staff. You may well see an increase in sick days and a reduction in morale (like in the dark winter months). Cleaning the windows in your office to let in more natural light will combat this, reducing eye strain, increasing positivity and, in all likelihood, leading to an increase in productivity.

It’s amazing the difference you can make to the overall wellbeing and motivation towards productivity of your staff when you do something as simple as cleaning your windows to let the light stream in.

To see the difference that clean windows could make to your workplace, contact London Window Cleaners today on 020 3954 2900.





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