About Laurel

With over 20 years’ experience in fitness, Laurel is an expert in Personal Training and Pilates, an NHS endorsed Ante/Post-Natal trainer and Nutritionist for Weight Loss. She has shared her expertise through her fitness columns for The Jewish Chronicle and other contributions to Woman, Woman’s Weekly, Reveal, PT Magazine, Woman and Home, High 50, Sportsister and MSN – not to mention a stint as the fitness advisor on the X Factor. Laurel now trains clients from her home-based gym and continues to write about fitness and nutrition.

About the Facebook Group

Throughout her career, Laurel would regularly post her business credentials on Facebook groups in order to promote her services. However, she noticed that her posts would soon disappear from view as other members posted, and there was hardly any interaction between members. The search began for a professional networking and advertising group in North West London. Finding that one didn’t exist, Laurel set one up herself in August 2014 – the aim being to encourage members to engage and support one another instead of simply firing out posts. By setting up a daily pinned post, Laurel found the way for members to like, comment, share and review each other’s pages – gradually getting to know each other, passing referrals and building long-lasting connections.  From there, the networking events were borne which started at Laurel’s home and, having run out of room, progressed to a hotel.  The networking events are now held at different venues in North West London.


About the Laurel Leaf Directory

As members continued to grow and maintain business connections, the group soon expanded and the first networking event was held in October 2014. With membership of the Facebook group rising to 6,000 in just one year, it is no surprise that the first event sold out – as has every event since. In July 2015, the group held its 1st anniversary networking event celebration, with over 75 attendees.


It became time to take the Facebook group forward and give the members an even bigger platform to advertise and promote their businesses. And so our business directory was borne.