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Welcome to our Ask the Business Experts forum where you can submit your questions to our chosen professionals and receive friendly and helpful business advice, completely FREE of charge. Just click on the relevant expert and ask your question!

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Our Experts

Alex Marks

Alex Marks – Business Adviser and Consultant Lawyer

With wide experience as a commercial lawyer and business adviser, Alex can support you with both business and legal needs across the board. It’s like having an experienced business partner in your pocket! What‘s on your mind? GDPR, debtors, contracts, terms and conditions, contact Alex for advice.

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Aline Manirambona – Mortgage Broker

Aline can help you secure funding for all types of property purchasing.
Ranging from residential to commercial mortgages, buy-to-let to complex buy-to-let as a UK resident, an expat or foreign national. Ask me a question on mortgages and mortgage related insurance, I’d be glad to help.

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Caroline Ratner – PR

Caroline Ratner Communications provides PR, marketing, copywriting and external marketing services to the property, interiors, luxury goods, non-fiction and the heritage sector.

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Carol Verity – SEO Specialist

SEO is an integral part of being noticed and is critical for businesses today.
Anyone on the first page of Google is paying for it in some way and keeping costs down with activity, effective and sustained, is the name of the game. It is a long term investment but one that ultimately gives a great return.
Please feel free to ask Carol any questions about SEO.

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Daniel Murphy – Locksmiths, Grills, Alarms

We advise on all security for your home or commercial property. Would be delighted to assist you.

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David Piha – IT

We specialise in all types of IT support with over 20yrs of IT experience.
Everyone Needs an IT department!

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Hazel Theocharous – Blogging, Social Media Consultant

Hazel Theocharous is a Small Business Trainer and Business Consultant assisting business owners across the globe with blogging and social media.

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Hein Kuenen – VoIP Specialist Provider

Ask Hein your questions on Hosted VoIP, Virtual Phone Numbers and Business Communication

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Monica Black – Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Coaching

Monica is a highly experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP & EMDR Practitioner, Coach, Author, Trainer and Media Commentator. Her “toolbox” includes Hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, Mindfulness and Coaching.

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Peter Lurie – Insurance and Health

Proactive Insurance is an award winning firm helping you with all of your insurance needs. We are specifically keen to help you in the Life, Medical, Income and General protection arena. Your Health Is Your Wealth!

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Roger Levitt – Business Mediator

Contact Roger when you can see a dispute is on the way- or you are already stuck in an ongoing dispute. Roger can help you find a way to resolve or avoid the dispute, without going to court. Roger would work with your solicitors to help you find a cost and time effectiveness solution which you can live with. Hopefully this may also enable you to preserve a relationship.

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Sam Pearce – Photography

Sam provides images for marketing and PR campaigns, events, conferences, websites and social media for an assortment of clients including banks, universities, car manufacturers, law firms and PR companies.

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