Bliss in the City

Bliss in the City
Mumblings and musings about my life in London

I have been asked on many occasions why I still live in London.

Most people would expect me to live somewhere rural and removed from the madness of modern life just because I am a Holistic Coach.

They think surely I must need loads of quiet and calm around me, away from the distracting and distressing hustle and bustle.

Thing is, I come from a small place in the south of Italy which is many things but quiet.

I always found it loud, slightly maniacal, very trying at times and definitely not green.

So moving to London and its green parks was in a way a bit like moving to the Amazon rain forest for me!

In all my time here I never thought to move away.

Surely life in enchanting the Cotswolds or mystic Somerset is always inviting, not to mention the many heavenly spots in beautiful Italy.

Yet, here is where I feel my soul has grown and still does.


Because London, like any other place of its size, tests you and stretches you in ways which are often uncomfortable.

And our souls always feed on the uncertainty and folly of every day life.

Through my coaching I have placed myself at the service of the world, hence I want to be right in the heart of it.

I know that others in my field would rather be somewhere on a human scale, with a slower pace of life.

There was a time when I doubted I could really support others from such a “Babylon” of a place.

Somehow I very naively assumed helping others meant I needed to be as removed as possible from the craziness of the world.

“Hi I’m Antonia Lyons and I’m here to help you! I spend my life meditating in a cabin in the woods and I only eat raw food”.

Yep, that kind of stuff!

Then I sensed that being a hermit was never really going to be much of a help and I stuck with my beloved London.

I treasure the opportunity to cultivate compassion and understanding only such a frantic place as this offers.

I always find amusing when people travel East to learn about love and kindness.

The Tube during rush hour is a powerful reminder of how life only happens right here, in the now.

And if one can’t find a little sympathy and compassion for their fellow travelers when they are packed in like sardines, then no place in the world will show them what compassion really is.

Millions of bodies rushing around while looking for their happy spot in the sun (when it’s out!) also reminds me how, in the end, people are just people.

We could be here in London or a deserted town in the middle of nowhere, what we are all looking for is a little love and a little happiness.

And so can we really find our Bliss in the City whilst enjoy the opportunities, diversity, challenges and excitement that usually come with living in big places?

I honestly think we definitely stand as a good a chance to find easiness and grace right in the midst of any intense metropolis as a tranquil village in any “Happy-land”!

Simply because that is our true nature.

Every single human being on this planet, regardless of their culture, background, religion and circumstances has a default system which is designed to always go back to balance and well being.

Sometimes we’ll take a little bit longer , sometimes we’ll find our way back right away.

But we always do come back to ease and grace ’cause that’s what we are.

When we are really able to be present our mind is quiet and clear.

No matter whether we are on a smelly train, sitting at our desk or standing in an annoyingly long queue.

And when that happens we are better equipped to handle the stress of a busy life and carry a good feeling with us regardless of where we are.

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