Chiro Kids – Checking future adults today!
by Charlotte McCrossin,

Chiro Kids – Checking future adults today! Last month we wrote about Chiropractic care for pregnant women and so it would be a natural progression to talk about the health benefits of adjustments for a newborn baby. From 15th-19th May N8 Health is taking part in Spinal Awareness Week http://www.united-chiropractic.org/spinal-awareness-week/ and since we love to […]

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Update on Equal Opportunities and More
by Michael Newman,

Update on Equal Opportunities and More Equal opportunities and more – there’s probably never been a month like it for employers. Although April has always denoted the implementation date for new legislative changes in the UK, 2017 sees a record-breaking array of far-reaching initiatives. And while the apprenticeship levy is an opportunity to rethink ways […]

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Bliss in the City
by Antonia Lyons,

Bliss in the City Mumblings and musings about my life in London I have been asked on many occasions why I still live in London. Most people would expect me to live somewhere rural and removed from the madness of modern life just because I am a Holistic Coach. They think surely I must need […]

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