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Top 5 Root Causes of IBS and Digestive Problems

The difficulty begins because IBS is essentially meaningless; it’s a catch-all term used to encompass a huge variety of digestive issues. If you’re serious about getting to the bottom of the problem (no pun intended), I’m happy to discuss your symptoms and help find a way forward. You can book a free IBS health check […]

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A-Z of Marketing Must Haves in 2018

I love researching and continuing to educate myself to help not only my own business, but my clients’ businesses as well, so here is a list of my A-Z of Social Media / Marketing apps you should look at for your business. There are endless new apps, platforms and programs being launched all of the time, so […]

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Boiler Plus: But What Does It All Mean…..?

There is new government legislation coming into force for new combination gas boiler installations.  This will impact both new builds and homeowners/private landlords when upgrading from old combination boilers to new combination boilers in existing homes. They have called this Boiler Plus. Boiler manufacturers have been under greater pressure to lower the boiler emissions and increase overall efficiency […]

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What Difference Does Coaching Make?

This is the question that we are often asked. Coaching makes all the difference between mediocre performance and achievements and outstanding achievements. It is most evident in sports. Every Olympic athlete, every top-flight tennis player, every professional golf player uses a coach to fine tune their performance, identify bad habits and address every psychological and […]

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Spring Has Sprung, It’s Time to Write!

Let’s be daring and celebrate! The weather may of course shift any minute but at the moment, let’s celebrate the sunshine and use this to trigger a new season of creativity. It’s been a while since the last blog post and it feels great to be sitting down and writing. Life has been a whirlwind […]

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Changes to Gas Safety Rules April 2018

We are expecting some very! welcome changes to the gas safety rules for landlords to come in to force in early April 2018. Landlords will no longer have to wait until the last minute to complete their gas safety certificates (CP12) or have to shorten the annual cycle check to comply with the law. Landlords Can Now […]

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10 Reasons to Hire an Event Planner

The anticipation and excitement leading up to your event can affect the way you make important decisions. When it’s your event, you can become so involved in the planning process that you feel overwhelmed and unsure what to focus on first, or how to keep track of everything. Often, our clients have a vision of […]

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How Do We Spend Our Time?

Up until recently, I hadn’t really thought about it much. A little bit of content creation, curation, audience engagement, emails, outreach, and some Hootsuite scheduling. I kept wondering, is there really a social media manager formula for success? How are other social media professionals spending their time during the day? Do we share the same tasks? In search of an […]

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Taking The Perk

If you asked me what kind of solicitor I was, you’d get a different answer depending on where I am. If I’m out networking (ie drinking), I’d probably tell you that I’m a great value for money solicitor, or a very good solicitor. If you wanted a more serious answer, I’d tell you that genetically […]

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