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Finding The Time

I’d intended this particular blog post to be all about social media and choosing which platforms to use, but as always with 3 young kids, life gets in the way. But it’s made me think. About time and how we manage it. Managing your time Everybody’s always looking for that elusive work-life balance, but in […]

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social anxiety

Sparkle: Social Anxiety Support Group

SPARKLE: Social Anxiety Support Group Monica Black and Joel Korn the co-developers and co-facilitators of Sparkle: Social Anxiety Support Group have decided to approach this blog differently. In it they will have a conversation about the new project and explain a bit about what we know about Social Anxiety Disorder. Let’s start with a definition. Heeren, A., […]

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Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot Dress Code 2018

With the Royal Ascot 2018 fast approaching we’ve had a number of enquiries about suits for one of the most glamorous events in the social calendar. Every year the dress code for the Royal Ascot gets stricter and stricter, so we have pulled together some must have information for you on what you can and […]

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social media marketing

6 Steps To Social Media Marketing

6 Steps to social media marketing If you own a small business and are looking for ways to promote your company, social media marketing is a must!  If you’re not online, you’re in the minority. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or all three, your customer is on social media and you need to […]

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When Co-Founders Become Co- Flounders? How Do You Help Resolve Bitter Shareholders Disputes?

Disputes between Co-Founders happen for many reasons:  if the business is failing and each is blaming the other.  if personnel, accounts, strategy or future direction can’t be agreed. if the business is succeeding and they’re fighting over the profits. if the Co-Founders have just grown apart or can’t stand working with each other. if retirement is […]

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