Your Obligations As A Landlord
by Josh Sacofsky,

UK landlords are legally obliged to provide secure, safe and hygienic accommodation which are free from health hazards. The local authority has the power to prosecute if the minimum standards aren’t kept. In fact, landlords are obliged to provide a level of safety that home owners aren’t. At Belvoir we will ensure that your property […]

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Reflections On The Taylor Report On UK Work Practices
by Michael Newman,

The government has published the review by Matthew Taylor into UK work practices. I would emphasise at this stage it is a report and while the recommendations have attracted several comments both positive and negative employers should remember that until legislation is passed to implement the report nothing has changed has yet changed in the […]

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Half Day Mediations – Are They Better Than Full Day Mediations?
by Roger Levitt,

When it comes to beginning a mediation process there are many factors to consider. The first is selecting the right mediator (or mediators) for the task. Then you may consider which style of mediation you will use:- Will you opt for a single mediator or a co-mediation approach? Where will the mediation be held? Then you need to consider […]

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