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Laurel and Alyson are experts at helping businesses grow with a range of effective marketing services. We are hands-on and can manage your marketing from start to finish. No job is too big or too small, we’ll always go the extra mile so don’t hesitate to contact us with any of your questions.

We offer the full range of marketing, communication and social media services along with a range of strategies to help you identify, target and engage with potential customers and grow your business across all media platforms. We’re passionate about what we do and will create clear communication tactics, aligned with your business objectives, to generate relevant, positive results. We pride ourselves on our experience and industry knowledge along with the fantastic service levels we provide.

Our initial consultations are free of charge and there’s no obligation on your part.

Our marketing packages are never ‘off-the-shelf’. Every client and project are unique, and we’re passionate about providing bespoke creative marketing solutions for your business.  We make the process as easy as possible, so you can spend your time on what you do best!

Services include:

Marketing Strategy
Each time you speak to a potential customer you are marketing your business!
A marketing plan will help you identify what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to. It will provide a more detailed picture of your potential customers, where to find them and the best ways to reach them.
A marketing plan will help you cultivate your strategy into action and should embrace a range of planned activities, both on and offline, including events, trade shows and direct marketing tactics.
It should cover short-term activities as well as looking into the future at your business goals and creating longer-term initiatives.

Social Media Campaign Management
Social media management takes time and planning and offers a great opportunity to promote your brand to both existing and prospective customers.

We will write bespoke, engaging marketing content, source images (if needed) and post across all social media platforms to drive engagement. We can also create targeted, sponsored posts to help you reach your target markets, increase brand awareness and nurture your social media following. Campaigns can include one or all social media platforms and packages will vary in term of cost and frequency, depending on your brief and budget.
A sustained social media presence enables you to find new prospects, engage with your following and promote new services. Social media is one of the most rapidly changing markets, with new features and updates constantly being released. Our highly experienced team keeps ‘up-to-date’ with all changes, ensuring we maximise your budget and reach, affording you the time to concentrate on your business.

If you are looking to start a new business or reposition your current business, a clear branding strategy is a must. It‘s much more than just logo design and covers tone of voice, projected image, language and experience. Implementing a clear, cohesive and consistent communication with your target market will create the emotional perceptions of your business that you want to project.

Services include: Logo design and brand guidelines, brand awareness plus positioning and research.


While words are the main output of copywriting, researching and editing also play an important role. Copy needs to be versatile, adaptable and work in synergy with your brand. One well-written piece of copy can be adapted to create flyers, newsletters, website content and social media posts and can also be used to educate and inform. We have experience in technical writing, website copy, sales and promotional material, personal branding, newsletters, corporate literature, social media content and blogs.


Clear, concise communications are vital for any business to flourish.

External communications involve the transmission of information with customers, stakeholders, suppliers, investors and the general public. External business communication plays an important role in the marketing plan and managed well should present a positive image of your company and, in turn, help increase revenue.
Internal communications are all about how you communicate with your employees. They should never learn about important company news/changes from an external source! Well communicated information to your team will reinforce your brand, inform them of company developments, engage with them and make them feel valued.

Your website acts as your online shop window, it needs to be well planned, easy to navigate and download efficiently. Our team offers website design, content and a range of SEO services to increase online reach. We can help you with excellent and cost-effective hosting and monthly maintenance plans.

Creative Services
We offer a full graphic design service from creating and designing logos, images, illustration and image sourcing.

Networking and People Skills
Do you feel anxious or shy about networking? Do you feel daunted walking into a room and introducing your business? Or not quite sure how to ‘sell’ your business to others? Fear not! We will help you with the skills required to ensure you benefit from every networking event that you attend with help from industry experts.

Knowledge is power when it comes to running a successful business. Understanding your customers, what motivates them and how to reach them is critical. Timing is everything and no product or service should be launched without an ‘in-depth’ understanding of your market, your target audience and competitors. It can make the difference between success and failure.

SWOT Analysis – This will identify strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats facing your business, and how you compare against your competitors.

Qualitative research – Facilitating group discussions, individual interviews and focus groups will help you build an understanding of thought trends and opinions and give a good representation of how your target market will respond to your offer. This approach generally works better with smaller groups of between 8-12 people.

Quantitative research
Utilising questionnaires is an approach that allows you to gain data across a large sample audience. It is particularly useful in understanding details about human behaviour, emotions and why certain choices are made. For instance, if you were thinking of changing your branding this would enable you to understand emotional reaction to your new identity and how people associate with it. Specific issues that arise from the questionnaire could then be explored in more depth with qualitative research.

Use just one of our services or all of them!
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