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Laurel Alper

Step Out of Fears Way, and Play a Bigger Game

Do you have a big vision and a passion to make a difference? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by the day to day to make that vision a reality? Does it feel like the longer you leave it, the further away it feels? This weekend I was training 22 lovely people who all have

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Fears, Phobia and Anxiety (part 2)

  Common Myths that prevent people taking action: MYTH 1. “I’m the only one that has this.” You and millions of other people, have exactly the same fear, phobia or anxiety as you have.  Do you know that 1 in 4 people suffer from some degree of anxiety ranging from the mild to the severe,

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Fears, Phobia and Anxiety (part 1)

Fears/Phobias and Anxiety – PART I What is a Phobia and What is Anxiety? Both Phobias and Anxiety are terms used to describe types of fear responses.  Phobias tend to be more specific and greater in intensity and anxieties tend to be more general and of less intensity. However as anxiety increases it can turn

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