Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary As A One-Man-Band!


As I sit here in my home study with Scampi ‘Scampilicious’ poodle at my feet, I’m celebrating a significant milestone: the 10th anniversary of Laurel Leaf Networking. I can’t help but reflect on the unique journey of being a sole trader. Running a business directory like Laurel Leaf Networking, seven Facebook groups, and hosting networking events has been and remains an exhilarating adventure. Still, there’s no denying that celebrating these achievements can sometimes feel a bit lonely as a one-man band.

Laurel Leaf Networking began organically, a concept brought to life by creating a comprehensive platform that connects businesses and consumers seamlessly. From the initial idea to this moment of celebration, the path has been filled with both triumphs and challenges. On my own, every step of this journey has been deeply personal. I’ve been the visionary, the strategist, the marketer, and the customer support representative, all rolled into one.
As I mark this milestone for Laurel Leaf Networking, the feeling of solitude is poignant. While there’s joy in reaching this goal, there’s also a quiet acknowledgment of the countless hours spent alone at my desk, the decisions made independently, and the weight of responsibility that comes with being the sole driving force behind this venture.

One of the lesser-known aspects of entrepreneurship, particularly as a sole trader, is the solitude that often accompanies these celebratory moments. In a larger team or organisation, milestones are typically celebrated with colleagues, shared excitement, and perhaps even a touch of fanfare. But as a sole trader, celebrations are more introspective, a moment to pause, reflect, and appreciate how far the journey has taken me.
Despite the occasional sense of solitude, being a sole trader has its rewards. It’s about owning every decision and witnessing firsthand the impact of my efforts on Laurel Leaf Networking’s growth and development. Each achievement feels deeply personal and meaningful, from securing my very first customer to expanding the directory’s reach. Each success is my success.

The journey of entrepreneurship teaches invaluable lessons. It cultivates resilience, resourcefulness, and an unwavering commitment to one’s vision. As a sole trader, I’ve learned to wear different hats, some comfortable, others not so much. But I have learned to embrace versatility, which stands you in good stead. This multifaceted experience has shaped Laurel Leaf Networking and helped shape me as an individual.
I’m reminded of the incredible support system that has propelled Laurel Leaf Networking forward. While the day-to-day operations are solitary, the journey has been enriched by the relationships forged along the way, members who believed in the vision, other professionals who offered guidance, and fellow entrepreneurs who shared their wisdom and support.

Looking ahead, there are more milestones to conquer, challenges to navigate, and hopefully, further moments of celebration on the horizon. As Laurel Leaf Networking continues to evolve and thrive, I carry forward the lessons learned and the experiences gained, grateful for the opportunity to chart my course in the vast landscape of entrepreneurship.

So, here’s to celebrating this momentous milestone as a sole trader, from embracing the solitude, cherishing the victories, and steaming ahead with unwavering determination.
Lastly, I must thank all the wonderful members, past and present, who have been part of our fabulous networking community.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary As A One-Man-Band!”

  1. Huge Congratulations Laurel on reaching a momentous 10 years of business!! Such an inspiring achievement. I hope Laurel Leaf Networking continues to go from strength to strength! X

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