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Facebook Group Rules

Our Facebook Group 
We have a vibrant and thriving Facebook group where over 12K members advertise their businesses and interact with other members. Members are welcome to ask for our recommendations for services listed in our business directory.

You don’t need to be a business to use this group ~ we recommend and promote services that you may need and we have a fabulous selection to choose from! So, if you’re looking for a service, just ask! You can also search our business directory to find professional & reliable services for your home and business.

We’re not like other Facebook groups, where posts aren’t moderated and the group has lost that loving feeling. We love small businesses and we’re here to support everyone looking to advertise and network. We look after the group lovingly 24/7 and we match, recommend and refer our business directory members to those seeking services. We also help promote members jobs, events, offers and blogs that are added to the directory across all our social media platforms and to our private clientele.

You are welcome to join the directory independently of the group but, if you are on Facebook, we’re the Facebook group to promote your business, network with other members and widen your business circle.

In our group, we encourage you to join in with the daily pinned post, build brand trust and make new connections to help promote your services. The key to building brand trust is consistency by advertising and responding to messages requesting a call back or quote as quickly as possible. There’s a million other businesses ready to jump into your customer’s shoes!
We approve every single post, we don’t allow spammers and we welcome encouraging and supportive members.
We have built up a solid and genuine reputation for recommending excellent home and business services. If you’re looking to sell or looking to buy, this is the Facebook group for you.

NB: If we already have your service in our business directory, we will not be able to approve your post. You would need to join our directory to advertise your services in our Facebook group. We aim to be fair to everyone looking to promote and advertise their services. 

Networking Events
We also host monthly networking events which alternate between morning and evening meetings and you can find more information about our events here.
Treat the group like a networking meeting, you wouldn’t go to a meeting, thrust your business card at someone and walk out, would you! You’d introduce yourself, ask other attendees about their services and generally stick around for a natter because you never do know who knows who and who they know. There’s nothing like meeting people face-to-face for that personal connection and we have a wonderful business community all keen to network and widen their business connections.

The most effective way to benefit from the group is to post, chat, support, advise, recommend and refer your fellow members. Networking is a two-way street without a stop sign!
Read members’ testimonials on our home page and view our most recent testimonial video here.

If you need social media platform set-up, content or marketing help, take a look at our Social Media and Software Training page.
You can also share your expertise in the group and book a Facebook Live session, click here for more information and to book your session.

Facebook Group Rules 

  • If you’re in business, you’re welcome to advertise in our group and use our business directory for home and business services.
  • When you join the group, you must email here to confirm you have read our group rules and confirm your agreement. We will not be able to approve any of your posts until we have received your email confirmation.
  • If you advertise in the group and gain business, you will need to join our business directory to continue advertising. By sending us an email confirmation you are agreeing to these T&C’s. Once you have received payment for your services from one of our members or recommendations, you are obliged to join our business directory. If you do not agree to these terms, we would respectfully ask you to leave the group.
  • If you send a PM (private message) to one of our members, either advertising your services or responding to a request for a service when you are not a member of our directory, we will remove you from the group.
  • If you aren’t a member of our business directory, you cannot recommend your own business when a member asks for a service recommendation.
  • If you recommend your business and you aren’t a member of our business directory, we will remove you from the group.
  • Members of the directory and non-members must upload jobs, events, and blogs to the directory prior to posting in the group.
  • Once you have given your consent, you are welcome to advertise on the main page, on our daily promotional pinned post and interact with members. 
  • Do not add events to the events tab, this is a paid service via our business directory and free for members.
  • Do not add jobs or blogs, this is a paid service via our business directory and free for members.
  • Do not add files to the files tab, this is for Laurel Leaf Networking events only.
  • Do not add a Facebook Live video to the group, this is a paid service and free for members. Email here to book your FB Live session.

The Usual Rules!

  • ❌ No spam, adult material or anything illegal
  • ❌ No bumping of posts
  • ❌ No advertising of other groups
  • ❌ If you block admin, you will be removed from the group
  • ❌ No cryptic posts or requests for private messages, State your company name/business when you post
  • ❌ We welcome MLM marketing but don’t allow advertising of detox or weight loss product posts.
  • ❌ We do not accept advertising of other networking events or business directories that conflict with our own.

Click here to email us confirmation that you have read and agree to our group rules.
You can find more information in our FAQs here.

T&C’s apply.

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