Happy New Year Small Businesses

Happy New Year Small Businesses

ID-10041024It’s a New Year and what does that mean for your business?


A. It means that if you have been feeling that your business hasn’t been going as well as you like, then this is time for a new start.

B. If your business in 2016 was moving forward but you would still love to keep it growing, it means time to keep learning.

C. Are you starting a new business, it is a great time to start and be ready for what the new year brings.

D. Looking for a change in career, then now is the time to start moving your ideas into action.


Now, what are some things you need to do at the start of the New Year.

1) Read over your current business plan.  Is your business still in line with this plan and the goals you set?  If not, then now is the time to rethink your business plan and be ready for the year ahead.

ID-100813392) Do you know your target market and do you have an up to date marketing plan?  This includes your blog, your website updates, your social media platform/s chosen and your newsletters as well as any offline marketing which may suit your business.

3) Check that you are sticking to a created Timetable for your business.  This is paramount to ensuring that you stay on top of your business and everything needed to succeed. Ensure that you include in your day everything that you need to do including taking your children to school or going to the gym.

4) Are you on the right social media platform for your business?  Now is the time to re-assess if your target market can be found on the social media you have been using.  If not, then now is the time to change to the right platform.

5) Update your CRM with any potential customers and/or follow ups you plan in the new year.  Add any business card details into your CRM so that everyone who is important to your business will be kept in the one place.

6) Organise your office to start the new year.  Ensure all your equipment is set up ready with additional toner/ink ready for printers.  Do you have enough paper, pens and more?  Have you set up your diary (online or offline) and does it sync to your computer so that everything is backed up?

ID-10063441There are more items to ensure you get started in your business successfully in the New Year, but these will give you a headstart in 2017.

So how are you going to start your year in business?

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