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Membership Levels Explained

Membership Levels
We offer 3 membership levels and we’ve explained them below so you can make an informed decision which works best for you. If you need help or advice about social media marketing, you are always welcome to contact us here.


Leaf membership £150 annual membership
Leaf membership is our joining membership and all other membership tiers include the benefits of Leaf membership.

Leaf Membership Benefits:

  • Advertise and promote your business in our Facebook groups
  • For full list of our Facebook groups, click this link and scroll to bottom of page.
  • Recommend your business in our Facebook groups in response to member requests for your service
  • Discounted tickets for all Laurel Leaf events including our monthly networking events
  • We recommend your services at every given opportunity, in our Facebook groups in response to member’s requests, across our social media platforms and to our private clients
  • Add jobs, events, offers and blogs to the directory, free of charge. Events, blogs and jobs are all SEO optimised
  • Share your business expertise in a Facebook Live session, free of charge. Your video will be added to our YouTube channel and shared/promoted x4 a week across our social media platforms for 1 month
  • Free legal advice, up to 30 mins, on any new legal matter
  • Free 30 minute website appraisal with our SEO specialist team

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Petal membership £300 annual membership

Petal Membership Benefits:
All the benefits of Leaf membership plus:

  • We promote your business across 4 of our social media platforms, Facebook group and Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn on different days and times (once a week)
  • 4 posts will be written by our content marketing team and rotated every 4 weeks
  • Twitter do not allow duplicate posts, so we write 52 unique posts promoting your business, that’s 1 post a week that is never duplicated
  • This is an extremely cost effective way of marketing your business, saving you time and ensuring your business is promoted each week to rapidly growing audiences
  • When you join as a Petal member, your business promotional posts will begin within 3 working days

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Flower (Stem) membership £1,920 for 6 months
Flower (Stalk) membership £3,840 annual membership

Flower Membership Benefits:
All the benefits of Leaf membership plus:

  • Promotion of your business from your Instagram account and the Laurel Leaf Instagram account.
  • Includes 4 posts per week each with 15 custom hashtags from both accounts
  • We will choose your pictures unless you want us to use your images to create promotional posts. Once you have signed up, we will contact you to confirm your preference. Your promotional posts will start within 7 working days.
  • All content provided by our content marketing team and fresh promotional posts composed each week (no recycling)
  • Available as a 6 or 12 month membership (Stem or Stalk)

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You do not need to be a member of our directory to use our Online Marketing Services.

For more information about our bespoke Social Media Content and Management Services, click here.

You can upgrade your membership at anytime. Just login to your profile with your ID credentials and click the ‘upgrade’ button.

Please do view our FAQs for help and advice.

If you would more advice about our different membership levels, you’re welcome to contact us.
We also offer bespoke social media content and management, part of our small business online marketing services.

This service is separate to our directory membership but often runs alongside. To discuss how we can help promote your business, without obligation, please don’t hesitate to email us and we can arrange a time to talk through your options.

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