New to Twitter or Facebook? Now What?

Have you just signed up for a Twitter or Facebook account and have absolutely no idea what to do with it?

Have you had Facebook and Twitter for months and still don’t know what’s going on?

What about all the other social media sites that you’re dying to get your hands on – do you know how to use them?

Never mind – most of us still don’t know what we’re doing, but today I’ve come together with 3 little things that can make a big difference if they are done well.  Now, of course, I am not going to say they are the be all and end all of how to make the most of your social media but they are a head start on how to maintain your goals.

1. Quality not Quantity

We’ve all looked at a piece of literature and had a little fuss ‘oh they must be smart, look how long it is’. No one wants to read pages and pages, reaching the end and not have a clue what they just read. So there is no trick to this step, write about what you’re meant to write about and that’s it.

2. Make It a Two-Way Conversation

Sure at first you’re going to feel like a complete weirdo, writing as though you are talking to someone who is not there, but this is the purpose of social media. By making it a two-way conversation you engage your readers and also encourage a comment.  Most people don’t comment because they don’t have the time and the other 99% of the population are too embarrassed to comment. So try and include them in your objectives.

3. Be Original (I Know It’s Hard)

The key to successful social media is originality.  People become very caught up trying to become original and then give up because they can’t come up with something they think is fantastic.  Being original doesn’t need you to sit for hours on end and come up with a brilliant idea. Being original doesn’t need you to plan what you are going to do, you just need to know what you want to achieve and bring out your thoughts through your fingers and press send.

Keep in mind many artists have no plan of what their artwork is going to become, just one dab and stroke at a time and the end result is a masterpiece!

Hazel Theocharous
Learn Grow Transform


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