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A helpful and productive list of Small Business Resources recommended by Laurel Leaf Networking. It’s not always easy to find the right platform for our business requirements. We hope you find these platforms helpful and just click on the links for more information about each service. Even better, receive a discount on services or a bonus when you make a purchase via any of the links.

resourcesSpreadsheet Solutions create custom-made business software to track and analyse your processes. You’d be amazed how a bespoke Excel spreadsheet can boost your productivity. Spreadsheet Solutions are offering two free spreadsheets to help your business.

1. Free Networking Referral Database. If you go networking, and collect many business cards and networking contacts, then you will need a place to store all of those details. This is that place. It does more than store the details though, you are able to search your contents by category, and then refer the person of your choice. When you are asked by someone if you could refer a suitable professional, this will be the ideal way to find a suitable person, and send their details, as a PDF. Don’t forget, you can also share members of our business directory using the share button on an individual profile or via email.
Click this link to download your Free Networking Referral Database. To gain access to all parts of this spreadsheet, sign-up to our newsletter here and immediately receive the access code.

2. Free Facebook Page Report Spreadsheet. We all know the many benefits of using social media to expand the reach of our business, but often the built-in analytics of these platforms leaves a lot to be desired. With this spreadsheet, you’ll be able to download raw data from your Facebook Page and see it displayed automatically in useful charts and graphs that will help you make sense of your social media metrics.
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Spreadsheet Solutions are also offering discounts to everyone who quotes our discount code. Use code #LLN to secure your discount. You are also welcome to contact Richard Sumner for a no-obligation chat.


Screencast-0-matic is an amazing opportunity to showcase your business, services, skills and products via video where you can share your screen with other people. Sometimes, it’s so much quicker and easier to video information instead of curating content posts where you have a limited about of space. Visual explanations are the best way to get your point across! Use screencast to create, collaborate and share videos.
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social media marketingMeet Edgar is a fabulous third-party social media scheduling tool which offers something different from any other platforms. With Meet Edgar you can schedule duplicate posts in one go so you don’t have to spend ages adding each post separately (the most time-consuming aspect). They have a brilliant bulk upload tool and it’s a quicker way to schedule your marketing posts. Use our affiliate link and receive $10 off your second invoice. After signing up you pay your first bill and on your second invoice, you’ll receive the discount. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
Use our affiliate link to claim your $10 discount. Just click here for Meet Edgar link.



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