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I have known Laurel Alper for almost 2 years. I attended a few of her early ‘at home’ meetings and got to know some of her regular networking friends. I did my various 60 second pitches each time and people seemed interested, but no business resulted.

I discussed this with Laurel a few times and her message was always ‘keep the faith, let people get to know you’.

For one reason or another, I missed a couple of the summer 2016 events, but I was determined to give it another try. Last week, I attended the LaurelLeaf event at the Clissold Arms, which was packed with 60 happy, smiley people who went there to network and have a good time. It would have been impossible to connect with them all, but I chatted to about 8-10 people I already knew, and met at least the same number of new people. Not bad at all considering the event only lasted two and half hours and included a great speaker, and all attendees doing their 30 second promotion.

Next day, I met with one couple from the event, who were very interested in my Utility Warehouse Discount Club business – and, on Friday, they signed up as Customers (SAVE Money) and Business Partners (MAKE Money). I am now working with them to get them trained and established so they can build a strong residual income stream.

Today, I met with another young woman from the event and she totally ‘gets it’. She can see how being a Business Partner fits in so well with her existing business that she signed herself up as a Customer, there and then.

What is the message I am trying to get across to you ??

Networking is a marathon. Don’t expect instantaneous results. They may happen, they may not. But if you give it some time, become known, liked and trusted, then business will come your way. There’s no need to pitch hard. People will see your service, product or solution, and decide whether they want to work with you or not.

After knowing Laurel for less than a couple of years, and not having done any business in that time, I am now pleased as punch that I have two confirmed Customers / Business Partners – within 5 days of the last event – neither of whom I knew before. And, I have 3 more appointments in my diary for later this week, all from last week’s event.

Networking WORKS – especially the LaurelLeaf brand of networking.

Alan Rick, Utility Warehouse, www.utilitywarehouse.co.uk


Wow! Huge Thank You to Laurel – After just a couple of weeks of joining this amazing group I increased business massively by over a third – Astonishing result!

Caroline Freedman Personal Training, www.trainingbycaroline.co.uk


Aline Manirambona Headshot

Hi Everyone, just need to say I have met some wonderful supportive people here and gained some quality referrals from members in this group.
This is a really one stop shop for both personal and business needs. I managed to learn how to connect with my children in a calm and purposeful manner with help from Monica Black and Gail Hugman’s 10 things to learn before you are ten and mindfulness by Monica.And some fantastic marketing and PR support from Alyson Essex of Hashtag PR.
Considering that I have only been in the group for such a short time, I have made some wonderful connections, all down to earth, supportive and welcoming individuals.
Keep up the great work Laurel Leaf Networking….it’s such a journey for me to get to as I am travelling from South West London, but it’s worth the trip.
I hope to connect with more people in the coming events.

Aline Manirambona, Money Sprite, www.moneysprite.com


At a time when small business owners are inundated with networking groups, Laurel’s monthly networking meetings have been a breath of fresh air. She has made it personal and fun as well as providing a lovely environment for meeting new clients. And even makes delicious homemade cakes and biscuits for the occasion!  Everyone is friendly, welcoming and interested in knowing about your business. Well done to Laurel for setting up such a fantastic place to meet new clients and contacts in North West London.

Sam Pearce, Photographer, www.square-image.co.uk

I joined Laurel Leaf Networking close to when it first started. Laurel has been personally very supportive and I’ve lost count of the number of times fellow members have recommended me across Facebook groups when people have been asking for advice. The real benefit comes from getting to know each other and I look forward to continuing to support the group.

Hands down the best and most useful networking event I’ve ever been to. Well done Laurel.

Adrian Farrell, Alexander Technique, www.alexander-technique.london



Lisa Baptiste, The Perfect Pet Nanny

The monthly networking events are definitely the place to make some meaningful connections. Events are always relaxed and supportive of all members. Always a good mix of like minded people to talk and connect to. Would highly recommend.

Steven Sears, Sears Property Services, www.searspropertyservices.co.uk

Not only is the group online with its many thousands of members, so you can always find a contact, tradesman or find answers to questions you may have but they also hold regular monthly meetings where you can go along face to face and meet with the other members.

I have found this to be invaluable to my business and have received many referrals from people , both from the group and the face to face meetings.

Unlike other facebook groups where there is constant spam, Laurel works very hard at keeping the group free from unwanted messages so that things are kept relevant to businesses in North West London.

I would highly recommend any business in that area to come along and join the group and start networking.

Paul Ross, Ross Computer Solutions, www.rosscomputersolutions.co.uk

I’ve enjoyed several fantastic events hosted by Laurel – all great opportunities to meet, chat and get to know other professionals in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Whether you’re launching a new venture or have been in business for years, it’s always great to exchange news and views, glean business tips, gain contacts and boost motivation. You never know where a networking conversation will lead!

Juliet Landau-Pope, Declutter coach & study skills consultant, www.jlpcoach.com


Hayley Berrick

I would just like to recommend that all members should use the new Laurel Leaf website directory to be more visible in the group. I have grown my business, had more clients and made lovely friends since I joined the group. It’s been very beneficial to me. This is, in my opinion the best online Networking FB page. Also, Laurel hosts great networking meetings with some super cakes!

Laura Myers, Tropical Treatments

I have always found the group that Laurel started and runs, to be an incredible example of the power of social media in business. I have often commented on how much we all benefit from being members.  It’s such a special idea, a group where you can not only receive recommendations on your own business but also be in a quality marketplace, where you feel a sense of community and that any recommendation you ask for will produce excellent results. I enjoy the networking events immensely and can only see these growing in number and becoming an even bigger success. 

Melissa Cohen, Business Boutique

I joined Laurel Leaf Networking just after it began in August last year. It had around 250 people and has grown to over 6000 in less than a year. I think the reason it is so successful -and growing – is that Laurel is genuinely interested in each of the businesses and the people running them; the site is well managed; the interaction between members is positive and encouraging and we share the ups and downs of business – more ups than downs! Laurel frequently posts useful information about how we can improve our social media skills and keeps us up to date with any changes or things we need to know about Facebook, Twitter etc.

Laurel regularly organises low-cost breakfast and evening events at her home and other locations. She makes brilliant cakes and does much of the catering for these events herself. She is also keen to promote members of the group when the opportunity presents itself. The meetings are positive, relatively unstructured but always warm, friendly and welcoming. I have no hesitation in recommending Laurel Leaf networking to any business who wants a no-pressure, low-cost friendly environment to network in and where you really do feel supported.

Come along. You’ll be warmly welcomed!

Gail Hugman, Lessons Alive, www.lessonsalive.com

Caroline Ratner, Caroline Ratner Communications, www.carolineratnercommunications.com