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The Trouble with Spreadsheets

In the olden days, the IT departments was responsible for developing all systems for their business. Then, in the 1980s, the PC was introduced, and end-users took it upon themselves to build applications using software such as Lotus 1-2-3 and, more latterly, MS-Excel, MS-Access and the likes. These tools empowered end-user departments to develop new […]

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What The Hell Is Going On At Facebook?

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AT FACEBOOK? As we all know, Facebook is the Prima Donna of social media. Whilst there are several other platforms from which to choose, no other platform has achieved the success of community coherence in the same way. Of course, Facebook didn’t invent communities. Look back into the past […]

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Epic List of Great Team Building Ideas

Epic list of great team building ideas Team building activities are a great way to thank your staff for all their hard work and making them feel part of the team. It’s an opportunity to help your staff feel more connected. Working together to solve challenges will help everyone feel in sync with one another as […]

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Who Cares If Your Company Is Socially Responsible?

People keep asking me this question so I decided to put my answer in one place. So, who cares? Your customers 90% of consumers would switch brands to one that is associated with a good cause, given similar price or quality. 90% will be more likely to trust that company. In the world where trust in companies is […]

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Levelling the Playing Field

“The sports sponsorship model is broken.” That’s according to Jeremy Thompson, CEO of caytoo – the sports intelligence platform which innovates the way that athletes, brands and sport connect and do business, as well as loosening the cash flow that too often sees vital funding stuck at only the elite level of the game. Having […]

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Commitment – Are You In It For The Long Haul?

  Many well-intended goals get set at the start of each year, whether through New Year’s Eve resolutions or business review processes.  Yet one of the key things that determines whether those transform into successes to be celebrated, or become just another disappointment tossed into the ‘Oh well, it didn’t happen this year…again’ bin, is […]

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Rid Your Company Of Its Shame Culture

How tackling this hidden emotion may improve productivity and innovation. If a shame culture exists in your company, it’s likely coming from the top. A bold statement? Yes. And a true one. For we model what we see, isn’t that the saying?  If your business is lacking in creativity and innovation, might the trouble be shame and […]

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Lessons From The World Cup

5 Tips You Can Apply to Your Business. I am not a football fan. But when it comes to National football I turn into a total nut! There’s something about the national pride, the sweat, and effort, the desire to win like it’s life and death, that transfixes me. As always, I take away lessons from […]

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