If you can’t find the answer to your question here, email laurel@laurelleafnetworking.com and you will receive an answer within 24 hours.

Our Facebook group has over 11.5K members and is growing every single day.  The directory is not just available to members of our Facebook group but visible to everyone on the world wide web.  We have one of the largest networking groups on Facebook where members can network, advertise, promote and share service recommendations.  We also offer discounted networking and workshop events. As a member of the directory, you can also advertise your business, add your events and jobs in our Facebook group.

Facebook is a fantastic advertising tool and groups have helped us all get our businesses known.  However, you post and then another member posts and your post gets pushed down the news feed.  Unless you see a post immediately, it is pretty difficult to find it again without scrolling through hundreds of other posts.  In this directory, your business listing is always accessible, remains static and is easy to refer to when people are looking for your type of service.  Satisfied customers can recommend your business in the directory via your business profile and, once you receive 10+ recommendations, we’ll add the Member Recommended badge to your profile.  The badge also appears on your business card making it easily visible to potential customers.

There are 2 membership tiers to choose, LEAF or PETAL.
Leaf membership costs £52 annually. The price of half a cup of coffee or chocolate bar each week. This makes the directory an extremely cost effective way to advertise and boost your business profile.  Just one referral from the directory should cover the cost of your membership.
Leaf members can also utilise up to 1 hour’s FREE legal advice on any new legal matter.  To access this service, click the grey button on the Home page.
We also offer you a free 30 minute website SEO appraisal with We Get Digital when you join. To claim your 30 minute SEO appraisal (valid for 14 days after you join) contact We Get Digital here quoting the code LLNSEO.
This is a complimentary and advisory service.
Adding blogs, jobs, events and offers are all included in your membership. Sharing and promoting your blogs, jobs, events and offers across our social media channels is a Leaf membership add-on, charged at £20 per promotion. All are shared and promoted across our social media channels for 1 month or until the start date (where applicable).
Facebook Live slots are a Leaf membership add-on, charged at £10 per session.
Petal membership costs £152 annually which includes all the benefits of our Leaf membership plus we will promote your business from 4 of our social media platforms, Facebook group and Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn on different days and times (once a week).  4 posts will be written by our content marketing team and rotated every 4 weeks.    This is an extremely cost effective way of marketing your business, saving you time and ensuring your business is promoted each week. When you join as a Petal member, promotional posts will begin within 3 working days.
Petal members can also utilise up to 1 hour’s FREE legal advice on any new legal matter.  To access this service, click the grey button on the Home page.
We also offer you a free 30 minute website SEO appraisal with We Get Digital when you join. To claim your 30 minute SEO appraisal (valid for 14 days after you join) contact We Get Digital here quoting the code LLNSEO.
Adding blogs, jobs, events and offers are all included in your membership and then promoted across our social media channels for 1 month or until the start date (where applicable).
Petal members can book a FREE Facebook Live slot on Mondays at 1230pm unrestricted throughout each membership year. Subject to availability of dates.
You can upgrade your membership from a Leaf to Petal member at any time, payment will be calculated on a pro rata basis.
If you upgrade from a Leaf to a Petal member, your Leaf expiry date will change to reflect the date you upgrade to a Petal member.  Any unused weeks of your paid Leaf membership, will be credited against the amount for your Petal upgrade.

Laurel Leaf Networking offers all members up to 1 hour’s free legal advice on any new legal matter.  This service is complimentary and advisory.  All contact between members and the legal team is strictly confidential.

The group on Facebook was started to encourage and support start-ups, sole traders and small businesses.  We don’t want to heap huge charges on our members but to offer a directory and marketing service which is affordable to everyone.

Any business that can service London is most welcome to join.  So, if you are based elsewhere but can offer your services in London then do come and join us!

Yes, anyone can join the directory providing they can service London.  The directory is visible on the web as well as the Facebook group.

Click here to join and fill in your contact and payment details. Then just click ‘Sign Up!’ at the bottom of the page. After you join, you will be able to complete your directory entry, add special offers to your profile, events to our Events Calendar, post jobs on our Jobs Vacancy Board and our Ask The Experts panel questions.  You can also claim your complimentary SEO appraisal (valid for 14 days).

Membership renewal is rolling and payment will automatically be debited upon the expiry date. You can cancel your membership at the time of renewal but we hope you don’t choose this option! Membership must be cancelled within 7 days of our initial email reminding you that your membership is about to expire. Please ensure you have added laurel@laurelleafnetworking.com to your safe senders list to avoid our emails ending up in your spam/junk folder. To cancel your membership, email admin@laurelleafnetworking.com within 7 days of your renewal date. We can only accept membership cancellations if emails are received within 7 days of our initial email reminding you that your membership is due for renewal.
If your debit/credit card expiry date or address has changed, please do login and update details otherwise your payment will be rejected by PayPal. Once you have logged in, click the ‘Renew, Upgrade or Update Billing’ button.
If you do not cancel within 7 days, payment cannot be refunded (see our T&C’s).
Notice of membership cancellation can only be accepted via email

To sign in, click ‘Login’ in the top right (on the main menu). To sign out, go to the ‘Manage Your Account‘ section under ‘Membership’ and select the ‘Sign Out’ tab on the right.

Sign in with your existing password, go to ‘Manage Your Account’ under ‘Membership’ and select the About tab (this may be selected automatically for you). Underneath your name and contact details, click ‘Change’ next to the password heading.

Go to ‘Manage Your Account’ under the ‘Membership’ tab and select ‘Need a password’? Enter your email address when prompted, and a new password will be emailed to you. If you do not receive the new password within a few minutes, please check your junk folder.

Once you have joined, you will be able to view a ‘Profile’ tab in the ‘Manage Your Account’ section.  Here you can add your logo, description of your business, contact details etc that will show in your directory entry. These details can be edited at any time.

Sign into your profile using the ‘Login’ button OR the ‘Manage Your Account’ option underneath the ‘Membership’ tab. You can then make changes in the ‘Profile’ and ‘Deal’ section.

When uploading your business card logo or whichever image you choose to add to your business card, please ensure it is 400×400 pixels otherwise it will not be picked up by social media platforms when we share and promote your company profile.  If you don’t know how to resize your log0 or image, please contact your website, IT or marketing team who will have a photo editing suite and will be able to resize the picture for you.

Categories help visitors to the directory to find services within a particular field. Our categories are fairly broad, and we suggest you choose between one and three that are best suited to your business. (You will have the chance to be more specific when entering your keywords). Your categories are both visible on your profile and searchable in the directory.

Keywords are your opportunity to be more specific about what your business offers. We advise including at least 10 words that are relevant to your business, and you should type these in as a list e.g. personal training, Pilates, fitness, diet, nutrition. Your keywords are not visible on your directory profile but they are searchable in the directory.
Note: Type your keywords leaving a space in between words, you don’t need a comma.

Type your keywords e.g. ‘accountant’ into the search box on the home page and click ‘Search’. You can also search by location, category or keyword.  If you know the name of the person or business you are searching for, just type in the name and the business profile will pop up.

Anyone who has used a service can recommend it, members of the directory and non-members alike.  Simply visit the directory entry for the business you would like to recommend, scroll to the bottom and click the purple ‘Recommend’ box.  Then write your recommendation and click submit.  

When your business is recommended 10 times or more, by different satisfied customers on your profile page, we will add our Member Recommended Badge to your profile.  The Member Recommended Badge will be visible on your business card which is seen when potential customers search for businesses (individual business cards) and on your business profile.  Please note, that recommendations on member’s profiles are checked.
It’s also a good promotional addition for your business when we share your directory profile or recommend you to customers.
The badge is testament to the positive feedback you have received for your services.

We host monthly networking events and, on occasion, add an extra event when we have a special guest speaker.  Each month the times alternate between 10am-1230noon and 6pm-830pm.  The morning events are usually held at the Hendon Hall Hotel and the evening ones at the Clissold Arms.  Always check the location when signing up.

Tickets are £30 for first-time guests to our networking events.  Member tickets are discounted at £20. Members can bring 1 guest to a networking event at the discounted price of £25.
From time to time, some networking events will cost more than the usual fee depending on the occasion. Member prices will always be discounted.
Please see individual workshop prices for member discount.

The events are available for anyone to attend, not only the members of our Facebook group and directory, but to anyone with a business to promote.  Our events are social, informal and a fabulous way to connect with other businesses that service London.  We’re all looking for more connections and, ultimately, referrals and you can’t beat meeting people face-to-face for business introductions (click here and read our testimonials).

The format of the event  differs depending on the type of event and numbers.  For the format of a specific event, see the information of the event which will be detailed when you click on our Events Calendar.

You don’t have to commit to regular attendance to our events but, the more frequently you attend, the greater the benefit and the more involved you will be with our networking community.

Select the networking event you wish to attend on the Events List or Events Calendar. Click the ‘Book Here Now!’ button underneath the event description and fill in your contact and payment details. To book at member price, simply sign in when prompted. You will receive email confirmation of your booking.

We’ll feature you across all our social media platforms (with links to your business) so that’s on our Facebook group and page, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram + in all our event marketing emails including our monthly newsletter.  You can bring advertising material i.e. stands/banners to the event and speak to the audience for 10 minutes.
Cost £100 + ticket price of £20 for members | £25 for Guests of members | £30 for non-members.

Please select ‘Sponsorship’ on our contact form page to book.

For members, please make sure that you are signed in to add an event. Then click the ‘Add Event’ button on the Event Calendar page, fill in your event details and submit your event for approval. Once your information is approved, your event will go live. Please note, if you wish to add an event that does not directly relate to your business profile, you would need to pay separately (i.e. as a non-member).  You can, of course, always add more than one business profile to the directory.  

For non members, please click the link on the Event Calendar page to make your £5 payment. Once completed, simply follow on-screen and emailed instructions to add your event. Once your information is approved, your event will go live. 

For members, please make sure that you are signed in to edit your event. Select your event on the Event Calendar or Event List and click the Admin button that appears above the description. This will allow you to make and save changes.

For non members, please contact us if you need to make changes to your event.

You may add your event to the Events List and Events Calendar but you cannot sell tickets to your own event on our site. You can, however, include a link to your own event page or website.  

Go to ‘Manage Your Account’ and select the ‘Offers’ tab. Here you can upload details of your special offer, which will appear automatically under ‘Offers’ in the main menu, as well as being part of your directory entry. You can update or remove your offer at any time.

Go to ‘Manage Your Account’ and select the ‘Offers’ tab. Here you can either edit the details of your special offer and click save at the bottom of the page, or delete your special offer. Any changes you make here will be automatically copied across to the ‘Offers’ page. Please remember that you are responsible for removing any offers that have expired.

Advertise your business with us on every page of our website including our home page.
You can take out a banner advertisement for either 6 or 12 months with a 10% discount for annual adverts.
Advertisements can be static or animated.
If you need help creating your advert, our design team can create it for you completely free of charge. However, we would need to charge a £15 design fee for each amendment to our design.
You will also own the design copyright so are able to use it on other platforms for advertising purposes.
For further information about how to submit your advertising space, follow this link.

Did you know that you can send messages within the site? To do so, visit the directory entry for the person to whom you want to send a message, and click ‘Send Message’ on their business card. Both sender and recipient will receive an email notification that your message has been sent, and your message will be visible as a thread in any future correspondence (similar to the Facebook message thread). The messages are visible only to you, not to anybody else who views your profile.

As a member or non-member of the directory, you are welcome to use our Ask The Experts panel.  Click here to choose your expert and submit your question. By using this service, you will have read our T&C’s and, therefore, agreed to our terms of use.  It is free to use our Ask The Experts forum.

Every Monday at 1230pm we host a Facebook Live slot for members of the directory and Facebook group to promote their business and interact with other members of the group.  This service is FREE for Petal members.
There is an add-on charge of £10 for Leaf members and payable in advance via our Payment page.
Non-directory members charge is £15 and payable in advance via our Payment page.
To book your Facebook Live slot, email marketing@laurelleafnetworking.com.
All Facebook Live videos are uploaded to our YouTube channel and shared and promoted for 1 month upon publication. Videos are optimised for SEO compliance.

Facebook Live slots run for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 30mins.
No refunds for cancelled sessions.
We will transfer your slot to another day, should you need to cancel.
Transfers will be accepted provided you cancel your session with at least 48 hours notice.

You may ask as many questions as you like. However, if the Expert feels that you require further advice and would benefit from a paid consultation, they are entitled to reply ‘Thank you for your questions which I have answered. I would like to assist you further, please contact me directly to book a consultation’.

All questions will be answered within 24 hours (Monday to Friday, 9-5). You are welcome to ask questions outside of these hours but you may have to wait longer to receive a reply.

For members – to receive an email notification when your question has been answered, just click the ‘subscribe’ box next to your question. For non members – you will be asked to provide an email address on asking your question, which is used to notify you once your question has been answered.

Adding keywords to your Ask the Business Experts questions allows other members to search for your question. For example, if your question were ‘What makes a good logo?’, your tags might be ‘logo, design, branding’. This would allow anyone searching for ‘branding’ to find your question.

Both members and non-members are welcome to post vacancies on our jobs board. If you are a member, please go to Post a Job (Members Only) to submit your listing for approval. If you are not a member, please visit Post a Job (Non Members) to pay to add your vacancy. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive a link by email, which you must use to submit your job.

For all membership categories, adding a vacancy to our jobs board is free of charge. You job will be visible for 30 days and this can be extended.
For our marketing team to share and promote your job across our social media platforms, x4 a week for 30 days is free for all membership categories except Leaf membership. If you are a Leaf member, the add-on fee is £20 and to pay, please click here.

For non-members, please pay here to submit your job for 30 days. For our marketing team to share and promote your job across our social media platforms, x4 a week for 30 days is £30 and to pay, please click here.

Please note, all jobs added to the jobs board, by members or non-members will, initially be shared across our social media platforms once (no payment required).

Your vacancy will usually be approved within 4 hours of posting.

Members and non members, your vacancy will stay on our job board for 30 days (unless you choose a particular date to stop the post running). You may re-post your job after this time.

If you are a member, you can use the Manage Jobs link to manage your existing vacancies. If you are not a member, but you have multiple vacancies, we strongly suggest becoming a member so that you can make use of our extended services. Please sign up here, or contact us for more information.

Please click the ‘Apply for Job’ button on the specific vacancy, to reveal the contact details for the position. Your application will be made externally to the website.

Everyone can see the job board, but only members may post vacancies free of charge.

Petal Members: Once your blog is approved for publication, we will automatically share and promote it across our social media platforms.
Leaf Members and Non-Members: Once your blog is approved for publication, we will email you a PayPal invoice for £5.  Once paid, we will publish your blog, share and promote it across our social media platforms.
We endeavour to share and promote your blog upon publication but please note, this can take up to 48 hours depending on day and time of your submission.
Blogging is a great opportunity to boost your business profile and SEOYou can submit your blog, pictures and/or video for publication by emailing blogs@laurelleafnetworking.com, along with your business name and website. Don’t forget to include your keywords, to make sure that your blog or video is searchable!

Blogs must be between 600- 800 words, and submitted as a Word document, with any pictures attached. Please do check spelling and grammar before submitting, and note that blogs are published at the Editor’s discretion. If you have already published your blog elsewhere, do also add the original post link when submitting to avoid duplicate content.  If you haven’t published the blog elsewhere, please state on submission to ensure your blog can be published on our directory.
We endeavour to share and promote your blog upon publication but please note, this can take up to 48 hours depending on day and time of your submission.

Most definitely.  We actively and consistently promote the Directory and Facebook group on social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.  We also share events, jobs, offers and blogs that are uploaded.  Petal membership ensures your business in shared and promoted on our Facebook group and page. LinkedIn and Twitter, once a week on each platform, for the full membership term.

Laurel Leaf Networking offers one to one social media, group training and marketing.
We also host social media workshops and you can find upcoming workshops under the Events tab.

For further information and prices, click on the Contacts tab and submit your enquiry.

The only people who can modify your content are you and the website admin. You are responsible for the safekeeping of your own password.
Laurel Leaf Networking does not store your password, debit or credit card details.

The admin maintains the right to remove any inappropriate content at their discretion and without warning. If you see anything that you believe is inappropriate, please report it by email here.

Please see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for further details on how your information is used.
By using this membership directory, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Laurel Leaf Networking reserves the right to remove membership, events or content that conflict with the business interests of this Directory and/or Facebook group.  If you are unsure if your membership, event or content is appropriate, here.