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Tenancy Deposits — Make Sure You Don’t Get Caught Out

Since 2007, residential landlords failing to register a deposit taken from the tenant can be fined. Perhaps more seriously, though, they can have problems recovering possession of the property. Here are some of the main points. The Landlord’s Obligations Under section 213 of the Housing Act 2004, when a residential tenant pays a deposit for

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Beware Tech-Savvy Burglars

I, AN INSURANCE ASSESSOR ADVISE – “BEWARE TECH-SAVVY BURGLARS” As a insurance assessor I see so many problems that arise from theft. If you think your valuables are hidden securely in your home, you may need to think again. Burglars are increasingly resorting to technology to lead them to the valuables hidden around the house

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Good Credit Control Can Help Your Company Manage Cash Flow

Credit check your customers and set their credit limit Always monitor customer’s credit limits. Ensure that customers credit limit is adhered to and not to be exceeded. Before taking on any new customers always be sure to credit check them. A late paying customer will affect your cash flow and your business. By credit checking

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