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Jaw Clenching during Abdominal Exercises

Jaw Clenching during Abdominal Exercise A great question and was asked by one of the football players when working with them at the M606 football camp earlier in the year. Have you seen those guys in the gym clenching their jaw so tight or really pursing their lips when lifting heavy weights? Or have you seen people

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Why You Really Need To Cut Down On Sugar

  Why you REALLY need to cut down on sugar! Yes, we know we’ve posted previously on limiting sugar for children, but this subject is so important that we felt the need to post again about the dangers of the  addictive white stuff.   Far from being healthy, the Western Diet is leading to a

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Honour the needs of your body: My morning breakthrough

  Honour the needs of your body: My morning breakthrough   I’ve been wanting to write a piece for my blog for a few days now, and although I had some ideas, I was at a loss for words on what to write. My mistake was that I was looking for inspiration in all the wrong places.

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Poise, Not Posture

Poise, Not Posture – Don’t Try To Stand Up Straight! We’re being inundated with articles these days on the benefits of correct posture and how to achieve it, but nothing makes you tense up more than trying to adopt a “correct” posture and trying to be “right”. Throw away the idea of an idealised posture

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The Journey From Burnout To Baby…..

Thank you for visiting our blog and joining us on our healthy lifestyle on the road to having a baby and life in general! We aim to show both the man and woman’s point of view, feelings and experience on the road from recovering from burnout and chronic fatigue to having a healthy little baby as

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“Just be yourself”… What in the world does that mean?

“Just be yourself”… What in the world does that mean? “Who wants to share?” asked Paige Elenson, leader of Baptiste Yoga Level 2 training. “Do I want to get up in front of over 100 strangers to spill my guts out?” I thought to myself. This scenario was unlike any presentation I have had to

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Change your perspective, change your life

I flew to the South West of France last week to meet my adorable five-month old nephew Eliott for the very first time. My sister-in-law and her husband live in Australia, so it was a treat to be able to spend time with them in Europe. Oh and the 20+ degree (celsius) sunny weather didn’t

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Alexander Technique and Core Stability

Myths, by their very nature, are very hard to dispel once they’ve taken hold. Despite the core stability myth being exposed nearly ten years ago, and journalist Peta Bee writing about it in The Times in 2010, from conversations I have with people I’d say its hold is as strong as ever.  The myth is that

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