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Laurel Alper

First Blog of 2019…….

Kitty’s beautiful Bouquet from an October Wedding we did at York House, London. Picture by Lily Sawyer Photography Hi Everyone and welcome to (a rather belated) first blog of 2019!  Well, it’s been a while I have to say! 2018 was a fantastic year despite many challenges to the business, like extreme weather here in the

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Your Essential Tool in Marketing

YOUR BLOG – YOUR ESSENTIAL TOOL IN MARKETING So, you have created a website for your business! You’ve probably also got some social media organised! But what about your blog? A blog is a great marketing tool which keeps your business website being ranked highly in Google, as well as providing much needed advice and

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Fears, Phobia and Anxiety (part 1)

Fears/Phobias and Anxiety – PART I What is a Phobia and What is Anxiety? Both Phobias and Anxiety are terms used to describe types of fear responses.  Phobias tend to be more specific and greater in intensity and anxieties tend to be more general and of less intensity. However as anxiety increases it can turn

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Start Here

Start Here is one of the first core lessons from Lessons Alive. It so captivated the 9 year old boy whose lesson it was (and me), that I realised many other children could also benefit from it and wrote it into a short story called Start Here. At the end, I always ask the children

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Attitude This might seem an odd thing to teach and to talk about because it is a very personal thing, but we all know that no matter how skilled or knowledgeable a person might be, their attitude may well be the deciding factor in their success, both personal and professional. For children, too, attitude can

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Learn When To Delegate in Small Business

Delegation in small business can be hard to do. Especially when you’re a one person operation. You have numerous tasks that pull you in multiple directions. It often feels like it is you against the world yet for many sole proprietors, delegation doesn’t come easily. We often believe it’s safer, easier or less expensive to

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The Logical Solution For Work Related Back Pain and R.S.I.

The Logical Solution For Your Work Related Back Pain and R.S.I. So you have tried osteopathy, or maybe chiropractic, or even physiotherapy, but after some temporary relief the pain always returns. And it’s not like you don’t know what causes you so much discomfort, it’s the hours sat at the computer every day at work, but

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