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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist (2023)

And just like that, Spring is officially upon us! I think we can all agree that, after a pretty icy winter, the cool and sunny spring season is what we all need. Whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant, there are a number of home maintenance jobs that can help to keep your property in

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Laurel Alper

We Don’t Just Clean Windows… Satellite Dishes in Distress

Roofs on buildings tend to be largely ignored. When you buy a property your surveyor goes up there. When tiles come lose the roofer goes up there, but most roofs can be left unseen for years on end. We know they’re there, but from the ground how much of your roof can you really see?

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Cleaning Services

Keeping your homes clean can be quite an ordeal for the working people. The current lifestyle hardly leaves room for entertainment, forget cleaning. Moreover cleaning is not a cup of tea for everyone, anyway, you’d have to wash that cup as well. The one odd day you get time to relax have to be spent running around washing, cleaning

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