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Ole Spanish for Everyone

¡Hola 2024! A Vibrant Start to the Year at Olé Spanish for Everyone!

As January bids us farewell, we can’t help but reflect on the exciting journey we’ve embarked on at Olé Spanish for Everyone in 2024. From festive assemblies to engaging lessons, our commitment to spreading the joy of the Hispanic world continues to thrive. New Beginnings Olé Spanish! The Three Wise men visiting Sacred Heart The

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Laurel Alper

Networking Gold: Turning Connections into Collaborations

In the dynamic landscape of business, the true power of networking lies not just in the connections you make but in the collaborations that stem from those connections. Networking is not merely a numbers game; it’s an art that transforms relationships into valuable partnerships. In this blog post, I’m talking about the strategies that turn

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Food & Restaurants
Denise's Kitchen

Spaghetti Vegetable Supper Soup With Rocket & Basil Pesto Dressing

Denise of Denise’s Kitchen says: Pasta with soup is a most successful partnership as the Italians have shown us through the years. This meal, in itself, is an ideal winter-warming supper or lunch. The pesto dressing adds the final flourish to one of my personal favourite soups. Ingredients: 2 cloves garlic 2 tablespoons olive oil

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Food & Restaurants
Denise's Kitchen

Griddled Tuna, Red Lentils With Crunchy Beetroot Slaw

Denise says: What a healthy recipe this is! Lists of ‘super foods’ are currently very popular. These are vary slightly often depending on the book writer being promoted. However, serveral ‘superfoods’ appear on every list and I have incorporated 5 into this wholesome delicious meal ~ tuna, olive oil, apple, beetroot, lentils and almonds. Even

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Introducing Our 2023 HR Policy Library

Consists of 26 HR policies that are: Compact, Concise, Practical, Effective and Efficient HR processes born from years of employment law experience. We’ve designed them to be easy to read and understand by colleagues at every level of your business Covering the full range of ‘tricky employment’ issues that occur on a daily basis to

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20 ways to make your home more eco-friendly

We’re living in an increasingly carbon-conscious world, and by making your home more eco-friendly, you could save money on bills, make your property more sellable, and even add to its value. Whatever your budget, here are some of the ways to do it…  1. Improve insulation There’s no point adding new, renewable energy sources to your

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Lisa Dubow

Health and Safety Hit

The Health and Safety HIT helps your business to get on top of health and safety in practice. Have you or your staff ever used a fire extinguisher? What about practicing some first aid… and when was that last practice fire evacuation? Rosecroft Health and Safety comes in and gets it done in one HIT!

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