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Hiring a Professional Organiser…Why?

“Why do I need an organiser? I should be able to tidy up…” Society is pretty good at influencing where we’re allowed to ask for help. ·    Hiring a personal trainer? Well done for taking care of your health. ·    Using a Virtual Assistant? Good idea; that will make you more efficient. · […]

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Self Storage-Waste of Money or Necessity?

Self Storage-Waste of Money or Necessity? Do you have a self storage container for which you pay a small fee on a monthly basis? How much do you pay a week? £10-15. That is a small price to pay to store your important and unmissable stuff and free up space in your home.  Or is […]

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Declutter Today

Declutter today BUSINESS OR PERSONAL! WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DECLUTTER TODAY? In business I am all for creating systems and procedures and streamlining and structuring to ensure greater productivity and efficiency.  This is something all business owners should strive for and which I work with my individual clients to achieve. But this is also […]

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