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In business I am all for creating systems and procedures and streamlining and structuring to ensure greater productivity and efficiency.  This is something all business owners should strive for and which I work with my individual clients to achieve.

But this is also the case in our personal lives and a bit word which comes up is the D word – yes, Decluttering!  It is a word which we often hear about now and is something which is is ultra important in your business but also personally.

There is an amazing Decluttering kit by which I feel could assist with each of our personal lives in so many ways.  The only problem is it is not fully available yet, but you can help.


This Declutter kit is currently going through a Kickstarter program and you can own your own one of these for only £19.00.  Click here to find out more information and to pledge your support:


1) ME!  As a mum I find that my children’s rooms seem to clutter very easily!  Even if there is no birthday or Christmas presents to add to the room.  It is can be so hard to know what to keep, what to donate and what to throw away!  Yes, throw away but what!  And with these wonderful cards, you could even have your children helping instead of trying to do it all while they are at school and hoping they will not discover what you have donated, kept or thrown away.  Let them help.

2) DOWNSIZING!  Imagine if you have lived in your own home for a long period of time and you suddenly find yourself having to downsize.  How do you even start to know how to declutter and keep those items which are the most precious.  Hang on, isn’t everything precious?  How do you decide?  There are cards in this pack designed to help you do just that – decide!

3) MOVING INTERNATIONALLY!  Yes, I have done this and believe me it is a chore!  It was such a hard job to pack up an entire home and not know if I was to throw something away or donate, whether I would need it or want it as soon as my goods arrived.  What do you take in terms of my children’s paintings?  What do you take in terms of personal belongings and clothes etc?  All questions which were extremely hard to answer but had to be!  Again these cards would come in extremely handy for anyone planning a large move.

4) HOME BASED BUSINESS!  Yes, these cards I feel could help with you in your business.  Imagine you have a space in your home you have set up as your office.  How many times have you realised that there is a clutter building around you?  It could be that a lot of it is filing, but really – when was the last time you looked and realised that it was more than that?  It happens to me, it happens to some of my clients and I have no doubt it happens to most small business owners.  Let the cards work for you.

These are just of the ways that I can see this Decluttering kit working for me and other people all around me.  And the beauty of this is, you can be anywhere in the world to have access to this amazing tool.

I am writing this blog as I feel that there is a synergy with what I do with my clients and what this wonderful package offers.  I am helping a friend make her dream a reality and that is to help as many people as she can globally learn how to declutter and feel better about themselves.

What clutter is around you right now?

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