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Do You Have A Fear Of Social Media?

Fear to change. Fear of the board of directors. Fear of job loss. Fear. Fear. Fear. (blah blah blah) We believe that the fear you should have (that you don’t) is the Fear of becoming irrelevant. This article is for you, Mr. Small Business Owner. So, what can you do to “up your game” online using social media? […]

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Engagement, What Is It?

Engagement, now that’s a funny word. Most people think about proposals, rings, romance. I think about people and engaging with those people to grow my business. This used to be just called Word of Mouth (WoM) marketing, but now it’s all about social media and growing your presence through engagement. Sounds great in theory, but […]

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Are You Using LinkedIn?

We have not covered LinkedIn lately but nearly every industry uses it to help find and look at job candidates, and we would say over 90% of recruiters rely on it! So, are you using it yet? Do you find it daunting and are unsure where to start? To start with, your profile needs to […]

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Get Started On Pinterest For Business

Think back to when you first started using something new for your business. You were pretty lost, weren’t you? Every decision you made – you questioned.  Simple tasks left you feeling overwhelmed. And trying to grow your business through this new feature, that was completely out of question. We understand that learning a new program, […]

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Finding The Time

I’d intended this particular blog post to be all about social media and choosing which platforms to use, but as always with 3 young kids, life gets in the way. But it’s made me think. About time and how we manage it. Managing your time Everybody’s always looking for that elusive work-life balance, but in […]

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6 Steps To Social Media Marketing

6 Steps to social media marketing If you own a small business and are looking for ways to promote your company, social media marketing is a must!  If you’re not online, you’re in the minority. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or all three, your customer is on social media and you need to […]

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Instagram is NOT Just for the Cool Kids

It’s now been around for a good few years with it now being most people’s new favourite obsession…… With huge Facebook changes many are now looking at the platform and some we know have no idea where they should be starting……. Are you not using Instagram yet? At Smash Social, we wanted to give you […]

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#Free Daily #Hashtag Ideas by Smash Social!

What hashtags to use each day is sometimes extremely overwhelming but it does not need to be complicated! Use Daily Hashtags!! You can use a variety of hashtags, including location hashtags, industry-related hashtags, customised hashtags and daily hashtags. A location hashtag will always be a great way to increase your local presence and to help […]

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