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8 Tips for Email Management

8 Tips for Email Management When I worked in an office as a full-time PA, email management was often one of my tasks (although some bosses hated anyone else going through their emails!).   Some bosses’ inboxes, let alone my own, received several hundred emails a day and at times it was hard to keep up.

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Jaw Clenching during Abdominal Exercises

Jaw Clenching during Abdominal Exercise A great question and was asked by one of the football players when working with them at the M606 football camp earlier in the year. Have you seen those guys in the gym clenching their jaw so tight or really pursing their lips when lifting heavy weights? Or have you seen people

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On Imminent Change – Anxiety and Love

On Imminent Change – anxiety and love It is a strange time right now isn’t it? There is a palpable sense of anxiety present, much illness and death, no one knowing the outcome of the European referendum, and of course other dispiriting world events causing fear, sadness and unsettledness … and yet at the same

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Change your perspective, change your life

I flew to the South West of France last week to meet my adorable five-month old nephew Eliott for the very first time. My sister-in-law and her husband live in Australia, so it was a treat to be able to spend time with them in Europe. Oh and the 20+ degree (celsius) sunny weather didn’t

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Alexander Technique and Core Stability

Myths, by their very nature, are very hard to dispel once they’ve taken hold. Despite the core stability myth being exposed nearly ten years ago, and journalist Peta Bee writing about it in The Times in 2010, from conversations I have with people I’d say its hold is as strong as ever.  The myth is that

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Fears, Phobia and Anxiety (part 2)

  Common Myths that prevent people taking action: MYTH 1. “I’m the only one that has this.” You and millions of other people, have exactly the same fear, phobia or anxiety as you have.  Do you know that 1 in 4 people suffer from some degree of anxiety ranging from the mild to the severe,

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Fears, Phobia and Anxiety (part 1)

Fears/Phobias and Anxiety – PART I What is a Phobia and What is Anxiety? Both Phobias and Anxiety are terms used to describe types of fear responses.  Phobias tend to be more specific and greater in intensity and anxieties tend to be more general and of less intensity. However as anxiety increases it can turn

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Attitude This might seem an odd thing to teach and to talk about because it is a very personal thing, but we all know that no matter how skilled or knowledgeable a person might be, their attitude may well be the deciding factor in their success, both personal and professional. For children, too, attitude can

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Stress and Fear of Networking

Fear plays a very important part in our lives.  It protects us; it keeps us safe. Remember how I talked about our Fight or Flight response in my last blog.   Had our ancestors not been afraid of that sabre tooth tiger we might not be here!  But we are.  Not only are we here, we

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