Fears, Phobia and Anxiety (part 2)


Common Myths that prevent people taking action:


MYTH 1. “I’m the only one that has this.”

You and millions of other people, have exactly the same fear, phobia or anxiety as you have.  Do you know that 1 in 4 people suffer from some degree of anxiety ranging from the mild to the severe, at some point in their life?  You are not alone – fears, phobias and anxiety are very common, and the majority of people you know will have had an anxiety, fear or phobic response at some point in their life.

MYTH 2. “I’m crazy” or “I will go crazy.”

People with fears, phobias or anxieties are sane and are all too often rational about their so called irrational fear. I get rather cross when someone says “oh so and so has an irrational fear of……”  That fear may seem irrational to you because you don’t suffer from it, but to the sufferer it’s very rational.  No-one goes “crazy” by having a Fear, Phobia or Anxiety.  Whatever you are experiencing – overwhelming feelings of panic, sweating, heart racing, feeling faint, retching or whatever else, these are all sensations felt in the body and as a result the mind is naturally concerned. It can race, go blank, or become hyper aware as a result. Concern is one thing, however severe it may be, craziness is another and has no place in your reality.

MYTH 3. “My case is unique and incurable”.

This is one of the most common excuses for not seeking help and for the most part stems from the belief that you are somehow specially affected. It is a form of self sabotage that prevents you from living a free and unrestricted life which is your right. Nothing is incurable as all problems at some point in time have been overcome. There are many, many people who will suffer from the same manifestation of fear, phobia or anxiety as you.

What is the cause of your Fear?

The cause of the majority of fears fall into one or more of the following areas:

The Product of Severe Stress.

A Build Up of Negative Experiences.

It could be the Product of a Fear of Fear.

You may have ‘caught’ your fear from someone else..

Other Fears, Phobias or Anxieties may be the result of a past trauma; Post Natal Anxiety; Alcohol and Drug Related Cause; Physical, Mental and Emotional Abuse; Media Hysteria and Social Norms; The Unknown and Unfamiliar; No Discernible Cause.


What about very unusual fears or anxieties, can they be over come?

Yes, as mentioned this is one of the reasons why people don’t take action, they think that they’re alone and as no one else has it, so no one can help. As I said this kind of thinking is in fact self sabotage.

Some of the most common fears are: Spiders, snakes, public speaking, flying, meeting new people, blushing and heights. I’ve  mentioned long list of phobias so you get a good picture and perhaps realise that your phobia is fairly normal compared with some others!!

How Do I Overcome My Fear

You go to seek help from someone who understands fears, phobias and anxieties and can help you overcome yours no matter what it may be.

1 thought on “Fears, Phobia and Anxiety (part 2)”

  1. Excellent advice. I think the sense of isolation can compound the fear and panic almost to the point of ‘paralysis’ – like a rabbit in headlights – but I like the way you have dealt with this is in such a matter-of-fact, down-to-earth way, Monica. It takes the (usually self administered) stigma out of it and ‘gives permission’ for people to seek help . I think sometimes we ‘soldier on’ believing that it is a sign of weakness to ask for help.

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