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I am always thinking about the 7k members of my networking group ( and, never more so, than just before an upcoming meeting and our March event is now just two weeks away.  This month, Caroline Ratner of Caroline Ratner Communications (  is giving a short talk on how to perfect your pitch and I am sure our members will benefit from her expertise.

Last month, we held a joint, and dare I say, novel networking event in conjunction with Singing in London ( where we mixed social networking with a group sing-a-long to kick off the meeting.  Prior to the event, some expressed concern that they may sound like foghorns (as I do), undeterred I reassured them that no solo’s were required and the singing was to be a group effort. 

We did a few breathing exercises, belted out a few songs and, by the time we took our places for the 1 minute pitch, everyone was relaxed, smiling and ready. Who did give the perfect pitch that night? The award, without doubt, went to Laura Myers of Tropical Treatments who sang her pitch to the group.  It was innovative, hilariously funny and everyone remembers her.

Once you get over the initial hurdle of talking to complete strangers and overcoming nerves when pitching, networking events are, generally, good fun.  You get to dress up, smile a lot and showcase your business to lots of potential connections.  It’s productive and there’s nothing like meeting people face-to-face to build your referral network. 

There are lots of aspects to networking and, although turning up to events, is definitely one of them there’s also other ways of building up a referral circle.  Many years ago, I called up a male personal trainer.  I didn’t know him, I’d just seen his posts on Facebook and liked what he wrote.  I asked him if he could train the husband of one of my clients who was looking for a male trainer.  The trainer thanked me, bagged the client and that was that.  Over a year later, that same trainer called me and asked if I would train a lady who had been referred to him but wanted a female trainer.  That client went on to book 4 sessions a week with me and, at £60 a session, was not to be blinked at.

It’s always worth reassessing how you network and the opportunities you can create.


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2 thoughts on “Novel Networking”

  1. Your Novel Networking events are always innovative, fun and useful – I’m sorry not to be able to attend the next one, but hopefully the one thereafter. I wish it every success.

  2. Thank you very much Barbara Goodman. You will be missed and, hopefully, we’ll see you at April’s event.

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