On Imminent Change – Anxiety and Love

On Imminent Change – anxiety and love

It is a strange time right now isn’t it? There is a palpable sense of anxiety present, much illness and death, no one knowing the outcome of the European referendum, and of course other dispiriting world events causing fear, sadness and unsettledness … and yet at the same time there is a current of positivity spreading…

It seems love really is the answer. Love for ourselves and love for others.

Unless we are taking care of ourselves, we are likely to inadvertently contribute to the chaos… We can easily take practical personal responsibility. Most people know the simple basics of wellbeing. We need to make sure we are well-resourced, with good breath, food, exercise, nature, friends, etc.  The first action step is to pause the busyness, take a little time, to get grounded and calm.

I have seen anxiety settled by clients safely and bravely speaking their truth in personal sessions. People continue to ground themselves with physical exercises done with awareness – such as moving the face, rolling the eyes, moving the head from side-to-side, moving the whole body. Consciously tensing and then relaxing body parts can also be a release. Taking bigger breaths always helps, breath is a free constantly-available resource. Joining a group activity, like the Summer Day Retreat I am holding in mid-July, can also be immensely helpful, to remember you are not alone, to interact as part of a sharing inclusive supportive group.

We need to ask what is good for me and what is good for all? We need to consider the bigger context of others, local and global community, the whole collective including the land itself.

It is good for us to share, care and receive from other people, to connect kindly with others. We are each individually capable, but really do need each other, as well as the natural world, to interact together. Humans are made to pull together, in relationship with our environment. We have incredibly sensitive senses – some say a great many more than just the 5 we usually think of – and are highly attuned to what is happening around us.

Mystical experiences show me we are all really one – we are here and there, in every moment, and there, there and there. Our minds cannot understand that we are all one — it is just a good idea bumper sticker. But our hearts and bodies know exactly what we are feeling now in response to what is going on. Our feelings are often our best guide to what action is needed. Sensing ourselves is our wisest and fastest route to action, for ourselves and for all.

The world challenges we are now facing will take all of us together to resolve, each authentically individual, all contributing our gifts, collaborating together. Margaret Mead famously said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

In healing processes, there is often a period of depression, chaos or breakdown before the storm clouds break and the clear blue sky can be seen again.  Us humans cannot see very much of the much bigger picture. We do not see clearly most of the time. But if we can trust ourselves, each other, God or whatever you like to call the benevolent force or context, we are better resourced and better able to act.

It is now time to love and value who you are. Take good care of yourself. You are precious. And at the same time, take care of others, as you easily can. And know that despite appearances, despite drama, catastrophe, failure and blame, all really is well. Don’t lose faith. Choose well. What you do, the small things that you do, make a real and significant difference… Change for sure is coming. Is imminent… Be a contributing and positive part of the change in yourself and your neighborhood. Play your unique part. It doesn’t have to be grand for it to be impactful. No love, nothing real, ever goes to waste. Others will feel it and be positively affected. There is a bright path to walk ahead…


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