Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfectly Planned Event

Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfectly Planned Event

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With the party season just around the corner we are looking forward to our busiest time of year here at the Clissold. It all starts with our infamous Halloween party and from then on we can expect to be knee deep in party planning. With pretty much everyone organising some kind of function at this time of year here is our step-by-step guide to the perfectly planned event:

Step 1

The first and most important step before you get caught up in the tinsel and confetti is to decide on the date and time, amount of guests and type of event you’re looking for. We get a lot of enquiries for events here however it’s almost impossible for us to start working with you unless we know that we have the availability to do so.

Step 2

Once you have the basic outline of your event next you must set a budget. If you know how much you want to spend before you start spending it is a lot easier to keep track and avoid disappointment later on. It would be awful to pay for the wedding venue of your dreams to later find out you don’t have any money left for your dress!

Step 3

When your budget is set you need to sit down and decide where your money is best spent. Different people have different priorities so it’s down to you to make the decision as to whether you would like to spend a lot of money on your venue and food or if you would prefer to cut the frills and provide a big bar tab for your guests instead.

Step 4

Finally it’s the fun part! Venue is always the first thing to secure, when deciding on this you need to look at the best possible space for your event – Is there enough room for your guests, cake and ice sculpture? Does the venue provide catering or will you have to arrange this separately? Have they got all the audio visual equipment you require? How flexible to your desires are they? Most venues that are regularly used for events will have their own events team who will provide you with everything you need to know and help you tailor your requirements.

Step 5

Whether it’s a 5 course sit down meal or a finger buffet you will need to feed your guests something especially when there’s alcohol involved. It is usually a lot easier to choose a venue that does catering however it is not essential. If you decide on a venue that does do catering but you would like to order your food from elsewhere it is very important that you check they will allow you to do so.

Step 6

When your venue and catering is out of the way usually most of your budget goes with it, so now it’s time to look at what you have left and what you still desire. Decorating your venue (flowers, balloons, etc); entertainment (DJ, band, magician) or photographers are all extra costs to be considered. These are all things that again can usually be organised by your venue’s events team but make sure you speak to them before assuming it will all be taken care of!

Step 7

You should now have a clear idea of everything that’s going to happen and how your event will run. It always a good idea to create a list of the running order to make sure everyone knows what is happening and when to ensure a smooth and seamless event. If you have appointed a job to someone (e.g. dad bring the camera) make sure they are informed well in advance to avoid any miscommunication and to put your own mind at rest.

Step 8

Now it’s always a good idea the day before the event to have everything ready to roll, this way you can sit back and get your rollers in so that you are fresh and ready to host your event. Relax, pamper and prepare your event is tomorrow!

Whether it’s the office Christmas do, a romantic winter wedding or a big family celebration the Clissold Arms events team are always here to help!


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