30 Ways The Olympics Can Inspire Your Children

30 Ways The Olympics Can Inspire Your Children


The Olympics. I love it.

I love the idea of all nations coming together in the spirit of healthy competition. I love the stories of athletes overcoming adversity to push themselves to succeed.

So it’s here.

And for the next 2 weeks it’ll be everywhere..

Take it as inspiration and keep your little ones occupied. Here are some ideas….

  1. Set up a mini Olympics
    • space hopper 
    • forward rolls 
    • throw a bean bag the furthest
    • blindfold obstacle race
    • water balloon through the legs and over the head
    • walk backwards
  2. Design T shirts using fabric pens 
  3. Make medals using salt dough or card
  4. Design tickets to an event
  5. Design a logo
  6. Make Olympic torch using battery tea light and coloured tissue paper
  7. Make hoop game using Olympic rings cut out of cardboard plates and spice jars
  8. Google and print off Olympic colouring pages
  9. Make puppets to re-enact an event
  10. Cook dishes from around the world
  11. Make biscuits or cupcakes and decorate with flags or Olympic colours
  12. Find out the Latin Olympic motto
  13. Learn all the flags
  14. Learn the national anthems
  15. Find out how to say ‘hello’ in all the languages of the Olympics
  16. Colour in a map showing all continents and participating countries
  17. Make a table and record and tally the medals won
  18. Learn the dates of all the past Olympics and where they were held
  19. Investigate the Olympic mascots
  20. Make a Union Jack using paint, collage, mosaic, printing
  21. Create a Fact File on an athlete or event
  22. Write and record a commentary to an event
  23. Write out the instructions how to participate in an event
  24. Write an acrostic poem – write OLYMPICS down the side and each line starts with one of the letters
  25. Make an Olympic wordsearch
  26. Make up an Olympic crossword 
  27. Make up and perform a ribbon dance
  28. Perform a samba dance using homemade instruments
  29. Design and make a board game
  30. Go to the library and research  about the Ancient Olympics 

But whatever you do – make it fun!


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