Considerations When Choosing Collapsible Grilles


Collapsible grille

In this day and age of rising crime rates and home intrusions, we need all the ammunition we can get to protect our homes and commercial premises.

When it comes to protecting your premises from intruders, the collapsible grille is one of the simplest, most robust, and most attractive options out there. These retractable lattices secure doors, windows, and other entryways, acting as deterrents to trespassers and thieves while maintaining ventilation and visibility.

That said, collapsible grilles aren’t the best solution for every situation, so it’s important to consider whether they are right for your premises and our security professionals can help determine your best choice. Grilles also come in a range of shapes, sizes, and designs, so you must take the time to understand your needs to choose the right grille for you.

1. Emergency Access

Safety has to be your number one priority, whether you’re a home or business owner. While you might not want to let intruders onto your property, it’s prudent to make sure you or your employees can escape in an emergency.

It’s not advisable to leave grilles closed while you are inside, in case you need to escape. If you must do this, aim to keep a set of keys near to the exit but out of view of any intruders.

2. Visibility

Grilles can be fitted internally or externally. They also come in a range of different designs, colours, and materials. All of these choices affect how easy it will be to see into your property. Grilles need not be unattractive! There’s a wide range of beautifully-crafted iron railings with a wide choice of colours and designs ensuring the grilles suit your property.

If you would prefer to stop intruders from seeing what’s inside, go for a thick, busy externally-fitted grille in a dark shade.

3. Planning Permission

Before buying your grilles, it’s sensible to check that you’re allowed to install them on your property. For example, if your property is a listed or rented building, there may be restrictions on what you can do to it. Some properties have covenants preventing the installation of grilles so it’s always advisable to check any documentation or contracts you have and secure planning permission.

4. Deterrence

The more protection you need, the more likely it is that your grilles will cover the full entrance you are protecting. For maximum protection, go for durable, galvanised steel grilles with multipoint locking making sure the grilles are even more secure. You might also prefer to use an external grille to prevent trespassers from seeing inside, glass from being smashed, attempted robberies and even arson.

5. Aesthetic

If the appearance of your grilles is important to you, you might opt for the more discreet internal option. You can choose the colour and intricacy of the metalwork to match your premises—some grilles can be very decorative.

These are just a few factors to consider when choosing a collapsible grille. For more advice on choosing the right one for you or to arrange a free on-site survey, call us today on 020 7724 4478.

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