Finding the creative writing connection…

Finding the creative writing connection…

What I mean is this – there is a difference between creative writing and creative writing with a connection.

The good news is that this creative writing connection can be nurtured.

It can be nurtured within us, by reading and savouring words, by developing our interest and passions, by knowing what we like, what we don’t like, what resonates with us.

It’s not just about us though. It’s about how we connect with those around us and how this feeds into the writing. I have been particularly aware recently of how the different groups I work with, including the Creative Writes workshop participants –  flourish when there is a connection in the room between themselves and their fellow writers. When we are aware of the writing energy and the acceptance from those around us, a fire burns.

These connections all makes for authentic, believable writing.

I see this happen a lot. How lucky am I?

With this in mind, I am very much looking forward to the new season of Creative Writes Workshops at North Bank – our inspiring venue in Muswell Hill, N10. We begin with the Themed Workshop ‘Keys,’ next week 8th February 2017, 7.30-9.30pm. This is followed by a short series of one-off Themed Workshops; a Weekend Workshop at the end of February and a Block of Three Workshops in March. We also have one to one Skype and real world Masterclasses available to book all year. Gift Vouchers can be purchased for all of our courses and one to ones. When you have attended two or more Creative Writes Workshops, you are entitled to a 10% Returners discount on everything, forever.

For the full Creative Writes programme and booking, please click here.

Here’s to making the connection.

Bye for now,

Nichola x

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