Give me space! The Creative Writing Challenge…

“Creative Writing? I’m too busy!”

Finding space to write, even in your head…


Hello, how’s January going for you so far?

Over here at Creative Writes, we are continuing work on the new website and planning the ongoing programme of creative writing workshops for Muswell Hill, North London, N10 which is really exciting.

Do you know when my most interesting creative writing/poetry ideas appear? When I am not thinking about them too much. My brain makes connections and collects words all by itself it seems but only when it is given space. The challenge is to then transfer the words onto the page and I don’t always manage but that’s ok because it feels wonderful to go on this creative journey. When you turn up at a Creative Writes Workshop, you may have rushed there from work, having had a hectic week & creative writing was the last thing on your mind. I get that. The good news is that you’ve already done the hard work – you have shown up.

I am not sure if you believe in magic but sometimes it does feel like magic happens when a group of participants who are sitting in a room together, start to write. The atmosphere shifts. All I can hear are pens & pencils scratching across the page. The air is heavy with shared focus as the free flow writing pours out. If you threw a book up to the ceiling, it would be held in transit – sitting amongst the words. Sounds crazy? Trust me – I’ve been there.

We have creative writing workshops programmed from February until May 2017, with the first workshop on Wednesday 8th February 2017. No prep required. Just show up and I will do the rest. That’s my job.

Find the writing course that suits you here. Rise to the challenge:

Bye for now,

Nichola x

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