So, What Happens in a Creative Writing Course?

So, what happens in a creative writing course?

I am often asked what exactly goes on in a creative writing course.

There are Creative Writing Courses going on all around London but I like to think that the Creative Writes Workshops are a little different…Nestled in a quiet, inspiring corner of Muswell Hill, small groups of writers have been gathering for Creative Writes Workshops since 2009. The participants often talk about previous creative writing courses that they have attended. Last week at the Creative Writes Themed ‘Keys’ Workshop, there was a new participant who talked about critique being a major focus at a creative writing course he had attended. I guided the group through a series of timed exercises on the theme of Keys, which included descriptive writing, writing from short story openings and Jean Sprackland’s poetry from her collection  ‘Sleeping Keys.’ He said at the end of the workshop that the Creative Writes approach was a very different way of working for him and that he found it very freeing.

It is the sense of community, of trust and deep listening that seems to mark the difference here.

I also facilitate regular creative writing groups outside of Muswell Hill, N10 for different organisations and some have been running for several years. Over the past few weeks, two participants – from different groups, have sadly passed away. One of the women was still young and it was very sudden. Two of her relatives are part of the same writing group. We are all in shock and I know it will both difficult and comforting when we all come back together next week. Her relative talked to me about how therapeutic the class had been for her and how she felt she could share some very personal stories. Attending the workshop had been a part of her healing. I do not categorise my workshops as writing for therapy but this is an area I have always been interested in as a writer and I embrace the therapeutic elements that come from the free flow writing and listening without judgement in the Creative Writes Workshops. I am a proud member of the National Organisation – Lapidus, The Writing for Wellbeing Organisation. I am pleased that participants feel safe in my workshops, safe to share their personal stories but also safe to experiment with different ideas and writing styles – to take risks without judgement and to take inspiration from a range of literature.

So, when you ask me what happens at a Creative Writes creative writing course, my answer will be that many things happen. Words move across the page. Stories are shared. Some real, some not. Trust is built. Friendships are made. After a while, it is difficult to imagine having never known these people. There is laughter, discussion and new discoveries.

I am excited about the new Creative Writes Workshops in Muswell Hill, N10. Our next workshop is the Themed Myriad of Objects Workshop next Wednesday 22nd February 2017, 7.30-9.30pm. This is followed by our Treasure Box, Write Your Legacy Weekend Workshop on 25th & 26th February and the Block of three Workshops in March.

Comments and questions welcome.

Many thanks & bye for now,

Nichola x

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2 thoughts on “So, What Happens in a Creative Writing Course?”

  1. Thanks for explaining what happens. This sounds really supportive and non-judgmental and a great space to open up creatively.

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