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OK…so you’ve finally realised that Yes! A home cinema is one of the most wonderful ways to enhance that room in your house – you know the one room that you have been sitting in for years – that GO TO room in your home – where you sit – relax – unwind – de-stress!

You look around you and think…this is that room, the room that really could do with a makeover.

However, this time you want to do things differently, bigger, better, more sumptuous   – lightbulb moment – LET’S MAKE THIS OUR CINEMA ROOM!

We are now living in a world where entertainment is a lot more personal. Why?  Because it is easily accessible.

The latest in-home cinema technology is every bit as amazing and entertaining as going to the cinema – but even better as you can personalise your home cinema dream room!

We know that a project like this will require a few key decisions – this blog could help you decide on the type of home cinema you like.

So here goes…

1/ Firstly think about your available space

No room is too small for a home cinema installation as long as it is designed well. Great care should be taken with regard to the size and shape of your room, including the furniture, as this affects the ambience and the way in which sound travels throughout the room.

Your ultimate goal should be for both comfort and an immersive movie experience!

2/ Think about lighting

You may have noticed that cinemas use soft lighting solutions.  You can recreate the same ambience in your home cinema with intelligent lighting.  Creating a mood, a scene, the ambience…. all adding to the feel and aesthetic of your cinema room.    Mood lighting can be programmed so you can control the lighting you want.

3/ The Furniture

Design your cinema room with comfy seating so you can enjoy that true cinema experience alone or with others.

Seats come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, styles and fabric finishes to create your perfect solution. These include the traditional cinema seats to the more informal, loungers, chaises and sofa style seats. Additional options include reclining function, articulated head rests and foot rests. We can supply a range of accessories including cup holders, pocket arms, retractable arms, storage arms and ottomans. The choice is endless.

Then there is the “pièce de résistance” of seating – take your cinema experience to the extreme level with D-Box.  Realistic and precise motion vibrations and patterns within a chair, where the intensity can be controlled by you!!! Yes folks – a signal is sent to your seat which blends perfectly with the sound and image to make your cinematic experience complete. Its motion is multilevel;  be part of a car chase or experience the best waves on the ocean.

The result is an unmatched immersive experience: you will feel as if you are part of the onscreen action.

4/ The Cinema Screen

The screen is the focal point of your cinema room and requires some thought. If you have the budget, perhaps go with a projector and a screen. If you decide to go with a projector, you must decide on the size of the screen and choose the wall where it will be mounted.

A projector can give you the feeling of a home theatre and might be just what you need to get that cinema experience. 

If a projector and screen is not for you, you can always recreate your cinema room with a large TV screen.

5/ The Speaker System

The combination between the sound and vision must be perfect! That’s why, it is highly important to choose the type of speakers and their arrangement with extreme care for the room

Consider the layout and shape of your room. Where will the speakers sound the best? For example, If space isn’t a big concern, you’re free to go with larger speakers. Anchoring your surround sound system helps reproduce the movie theatre experience. 

Remember ultimately you are looking for is an immersive movie experience.

6/ The Movies

So, you’ve invested in a home cinema and now the biggest question is ‘How you intend to play your films?  Of course, a standard Blu-ray DVD player will provide good picture and we all use Netflix and Amazon Prime. But, when quality matters and you want to invest in the best equipment (especially if you wish to create a stunning home cinema experience) then Kaleidescape is the system for you!

Kaleidescape is the heart and soul of your home theatre system, powering your high-end speakers and large-screen displays with professional-grade hardware and pristine 4K Ultra HD quality movies.

There are a number of products in the Kaleidescape range.

Kaleidescape provides the highest quality players for your home entertainment system. Whether this is playing your existing DVD or Blu-ray DVD, or downloading the latest movies or TV series from the fantastic Kaleidescape Movie Store.

Kaleidescape are the ONLY company in the world to have been granted the licence from the large movie giants such as Sony and Paramount, to play and store their movies. This superb system allows you to download and store films and TV series from the Kaleidescape Movie Store. 

Kaleidescape players can play up to the latest 4K high-definition quality. As you can imagine, this surpasses ordinary Blu-ray and provides the highest definition viewing. It’s perfect for people who love film and wish to enjoy a movie on a large screen with superb clarity, depth of colour and without any buffering. If you love film, why wouldn’t you want the highest picture quality?

To Conclude

So, you have made that decision…. you have gone through the process, and now you can impress your friends and family in your new cinema room with space, lighting, seating, ambience & speaker system.



Each project starts with a consultation along with an invitation to visit our demo room so that we can discuss your requirements. From design to installation we will work together with you whether it’s a single room solution, multi-room solution or complete home solution you want. We are experienced in managing all types of projects.


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