Sitting Is The New Smoking

Sitting Is The New Smoking

Have a think about the amount of hours you spend sitting at your desk during the day. Now add on the time you spend relaxing in front of the TV on the sofa in the evenings and perhaps the commute in the car or train on the way to and from work…

More than 5 hours?

You’re probably sitting for much longer than you realise and have been doing so for many years. An average day for most adults involves spending a whopping 8 of their waking hours sitting down.

The problem is that the more inactive you are, the harder it is to get active because you probably ache more from all that sitting down! It’s like a vicious circle.

Do you find that you get more aches than you feel you should and even the occasional twinge in your lower back when you get up from the sofa or try to do some exercise?

As Chiropractors, we regularly see patients in our practice suffering with lower back pain and we find that one of the leading causes is prolonged sitting. This is because, our bodies were not designed to sit for multiple hours a day and be immobile.  Modern technology means that we sit more than ever before and its starting to make us sick.

Infact, a recent study published by the Lancet showed that sitting for long periods of time actually led to increased mortality in adults.Of course, we understand its not realistic to spend your day moving around if you have a desk job.  Its also not that easy to get active if your back hurts.
You may have tried pain-killers or various stretches for your lower back but you still get those niggling aches and pains that hold you back and you believe they are just a way of life for you now.Well, you don’t have to suffer like this any more – help is at hand…

We have compiled our top ten practical tips with simple changes that you can make at your desk TODAY without having to see a professional and spend your hard earned cash on painkillers. 

We’ve even put them in a pretty picture so you don’t have to spend your valuable time reading them!

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