2018 – What Is Going On!


1. Instagram Stories drive upcoming Instagram trend and it is a big deal that is not going away anytime soon!!!!
Instagram Stories was the biggest single change and its marketing implications are huge. The hype is because the accounts with over 10,000 followers can now add a link within that feature. This is huge because as you know, you can only place a link on Instagram on your profile page so this is massive news because of new changes!!!!

Instagram stories are even now extremely relevant from a marketing point of view because, compared to other video platforms, Instagram metrics are easily trackable with the feature being an engagement gold tool!!!!

2. Influencer marketing which you hear us talk a lot about, why does this help? Well, it makes it much easier to contribute to social media engagement. Influencer marketing is now a big business — a billion-dollar industry from what we read about day to day. As people advance in their careers, a huge amount of the population’s purchasing pattern is increasing and many now are more influenced by this marketing method.

3. Live streaming is starting to explode!!!!
Live streaming is not just about live streaming. With a lot more of it to be seen in 2018, and the people who do it, and do it well will be fully with the times and see the benefits. This year is all about technology. We get a better phone each year so does that mean that we run the same apps better? Well maybe but once the mobile user has clearly moved up a scale, it then becomes about making a stronger app that will do more and fully take advantage of new technology.

It is a fact that the mobile devices today are better than what we once had, and our data speeds are far better, and are confident they are to make another huge leap in the next few years when 5G becomes available. With more video processing all devices seem to now handle more streaming at a far better quality with more channels at the same time.

Yes and now Twitter is going to change…… according to top marketers they themselves do not even know how just yet. They have been slowly declining for a while and 2017 did not get much better and that means Twitter needs to make some BIG changes to stay relevant because its growth is the slowest of all the major social media platforms.
2018 has the potential to be very different. Lots of promising programs say they have another year of beta testing but the technologies are improving in many exciting ways.

4. Social platforms see more moderation because in the last few years we have seen the platforms start to intervene and play an active role in content moderation.

So, 2018 is here… are you ready?
Time on social media platforms will only increase so it means you will need to improve your online presence in this year to come.

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