Keep Calm and Curry On: the UK’s favourite curries on Deliveroo

With an unmistakable chill in the air and the days getting shorter, there couldn't be a better time to snuggle up, keep calm and enjoy a curry.

With an unmistakable chill in the air and the days getting shorter, there couldn’t be a better time to snuggle up and enjoy a warming bowl of curry. To wrap up National Curry Week, Deliveroo have created a list of the most popular curries in the UK. If you don’t fancy one already, you will after this!

Punjabi Butter Chicken

Known in India as Murgh Makhani, butter chicken is packed full of spices, green chillies and coriander. The rich, creamy sauce is made with yoghurt, tomato and you guessed it, butter. Invented by a Punjabi restaurateur to spice up leftover tandoori chicken, this dish is a menu must-have.

To discover the creamiest curry around, you need to give Tamatanga and 4500 Miles from Delhi a try.

Mutton Madras

Madras is well-known as a deliciously fiery curry sauce, served with yoghurt to tame your tingling taste buds. What makes this madras different is the mutton shoulder, cooked in a roasted spice and coconut paste, finished with tamarind.

Ranked one of the most popular curries in the UK, you can try it for yourself from The Chilli Pickle Canteen.

Karahi Chicken Saag

The nation loves chicken especially in a curry! In this dish, the traditional lamb is replaced with chicken and cooked with tender spinach, mustard greens and fenugreek leaves, for a beautifully aromatic flavour. If you love a bhuna, a chicken saag will be right up your street.

If you’re looking for a restaurant to really kick off your love of karahi chicken saag, Tayyabs is one to try.

Chicken Katsu Curry

Chicken coated in crispy breadcrumbs, covered in an aromatic curry sauce – a match made in heaven. Not forgetting the fluffy, cloud-like sticky rice that comes with it. A firm favourite amongst Japanese food fans, the fragrant ingredients are sure to make your mouth water.

If katsu’s next on your curry bucket list, you have to try it from Wagamama.

Murgh Korma

Another staple of any Indian menu, murgh korma, or chicken korma, is mildly spiced and more of a mellow choice. The distinctive sweet, nutty flavour comes from almonds, cashews and yoghurt, which gives it a creamy texture. Grab your korma, with pilau rice and a couple of poppadoms, from Pushkar and you’re good to go.

Lamb Jalfrezi

Chilli lovers out there, this one’s for you! Lamb, green chillies, onions and peppers, stir-fried in an extra-hot pan for melt in the mouth meat and tender veg. The tomato based sauce is guaranteed to make your tongue tingle, the feeling curry lovers enjoy the most. Eat it on its own, with naan or a rice of your choice. And if you like your jalfrezi really fiery, give Star of Bombay a go.

Chicken Tikka

The nation’s unofficial dish has question marks around where it originated, but there certainly aren’t any when it comes to the taste. Perfectly spiced chunks of chicken in a tomatoey, creamy sauce is a combo we’ll be eternally grateful for – and that’s without a freshly baked naan bread to mop up all the goodness.

To try chicken tikka at its best, check out Motu Indian KitchenEastZeast and Thali Montpelier.

Spice up your life with tasty curries on Deliveroo.

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