Where to Get the Best Kitchen Designs From


If you’re looking for a new kitchen, you want to find the best kitchen designs without breaking the bank. That might seem like a hopeless quest — but maybe not. Where can you go for the best kitchen designs?

Kitchen designs from the high street chains

The first place most of us would think of for kitchen designs is one of the big high street chains. After all, Wickes, Wren, Magnet and the rest are always telling us about their great quality and low prices.

That’s just advertising, however. The reality is that, while their prices are reasonable, the quality’s low. Also, the “sales designer” who’ll greet you is really more of a salesperson than a kitchen designer.

If you’re looking to stick to the same design as you already have & simply replace the exisiting units with new ones, you should be fine with the kitchen designs from the chains. However, if you’re looking for a new design & are looking for a plan that works well & makes best use of the space, the chains probably aren’t the best places to go. You see, although the people in the chains are called ‘Sales Designers’, they tend to be much better at sales than they are at design. So, they might not know how to deal with a tricky corner you have in your kitchen, but they’ll definelely know lots of different sales tricks designed to get you to part with your money as quickly as possible. For example, 50% off sales that end in a few days time.

Kitchen designs from the trade suppliers

Although the big chains aren’t to expensive for their units, where they are very expensive is on their fitting. To get round this an alternative is to directly approach a general builder, who can order through a trade supplier and offer cheap fitting.

However, the kitchen designs offered by Howdens, Benchmarx and other trade suppliers are no better than those from the chains. So, again, if you’re looking for a new design that works well & makes best use of the space, the trade suppliers also aren’t the best places to go.

Kitchen designs from an independent showroom

While the chains tend to be better at sales than at kitchen designs, the opposite is true of independent showrooms. They’re not interested in fancy sales techniques, like inflating the price in order to offer 50% off. Instead, they’ll quote you their best price straight off and get on with the design.

The “sales designer” at one of the chains is unlikely to take more than twenty minutes on the design itself. By contrast, designers at independent showrooms take as long as necessary to make sure they understand your needs. After a few days, they’re likely to invite you back to see the results and make any further adjustments needed.

Most independent showrooms will offer you first-class kitchen designs, but not all are as expensive as you’d imagine. In spite of having no fake “50%-off sales”, some provide this high quality for similar to what the chains or trade suppliers charge. In fact, some of them will even offer you a luxury German kitchen for similar to what the chains & trade suppliers charge.

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