“Make Dad Smile”

Father’s Day is coming. As every third Sunday in June we will be celebrating with our dads, or thinking a lot about them if we do not have them close to us. 

There are approximately 1.5 billion fathers around the world and 78 countries will be celebrating Father’s Day next Sunday 19th June. The tradition started over a hundred years ago in the United States, much later later than the celebrations for Mother’s Day. It took some time to become widespread but now dad’s also have a day in which they are celebrated.

Do you know which are the most popular gifts? Ties, tools and golf clubs. Does this mean that dads wear ties and their hobbies are DIY and golf? Well, I searched for the the words ‘working dad’ in the most popular search engine (we all know which one) and effectively most of the pictures were of dads working in offices or in front of computers. Do all dads then work in offices? Do all dads work with computers? Of course not!

Dads come in all sorts of shapes and ages and they do all sorts of different things. My dad, for example, is now semi-retired but he was a teacher for over 30 years and also a headteacher for many of those years. His workdays were in front of a class of teenagers and his weekends were spent marking tests (where I am from we have lots of regular tests throughout the year!). I always remember going anywhere as a child and always meeting a student eager to say hi or ex-students wanting to tell him what they were up to. 

I know all sorts of dads: designers, animal centre managers, DJs, doctors, accountants, dads that work at airports, IT Consultants and also dads that manage the house and the kids. It is time we celebrate a Father’s Day for all dads: the ones that wear ties and the ones that don’t. 

We have many treats to say thank you to the dad in your family and you can find them on our website. But I am going to give you the chance to win one of our beautiful hampers for your dad.


What do you need to do?

Visit our competition page and leave us your details. To enter, you just need to tell us what the dad in your family does. 

Best of luck to all! This competition will close on  June 14th so we will have plenty of time to deliver it before Father’s Day.

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