Making a Plan


I’ve been thinking about plans. I like making plans and writing spreadsheets, household accounts, kids parties… you name it, I’ll do a spreadsheet on it. It helps me to feel organised.

So when it comes to my business social media, of course I’m going to write a spreadsheet on it. but in this case, it’s not me being over organised – it’s actually a really valuable tool in perfecting my #socialmediacampaign.

It’s filled with content ideas, images, videos and, of course, the all important links and hashtags, because a well researched and thought out plan saves time and stress when posting and gives you opportunity to hone your campaign.

So here are a few things to think about:

  1. Content: what will engage your audience… keep clients coming back to your business and entice prospective clients to use you over your competition.
    This could be market information, with your insights and comments, polls & surveys, questions and little fun facts all with the aim of getting user generated content and raising #brandawareness.
  2. Visuals: Images & videos. TwitterInstagram and Facebook love visual content, especially videos, so think how-to guides, top tips etc, always with subtitles because so many people watch these videos with their phones on silent.
  3. Links: To direct prospective clients to the service you’re targeting or even better, a customised landing page to keep things simple, also great for analytics.
  4. Hashtags: These depend on the platform, for example for Twitter up to 5 will suffice, for Instagram I’d advise at least 10, but what’s important is to do your research & look at what’s trending in your market.
  5. Test it: See what works, what gets likes, comments, shares and any other interaction. This can take time, but it’s worth it in the end to ensure an effective campaign.
  6. And finally if you don’t want to do it yourself, get a professional to do it for you, Me!

I’d love to know your thoughts so leave me a comment.

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