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It’s fascinating to me, as an overt networker, that many businesses purely concentrate on their social media posts and ignore connections they’ve built up on social media.

Many people ignore connection requests, connecting only with people they know and rarely responding to comments, even ones they take time out to read. Everyone wants people to notice their posts but if you don’t encourage and support others, they won’t return the favour.

It’s a bit like going to a party and not talking to anyone, maybe someone will come up to you but, unlikely. You’ll return home without any interaction and just think, for a moment, of the opportunities you may be missing!

In business, it’s vital to create a wide network, you never do know who someone is connected to and that person could turn into your best customer!

Don’t be afraid to show people who you are, what you think, how your business works, who you’re looking to connect with. People do respond to consistent and authentic posts.

Engaging and building relationships, makes it much more likely, when those contacts see your future posts, that they will respond positively. We all know that the more comments on a single post means more people will be shown your post.

Our aim at Laurel Leaf Networking is encouraging networking and utilizing social media, we love supporting business.

We created 5 Facebook groups with an overall membership of 40k. Some members are businesses, some are looking for home or business services plus we host monthly networking events. Meeting your peers, face to face, is a proven and effective way to reach new clients and potential customers. People tend to remember those they’ve met in person and we all do business with people we like, know and have come to trust.

The trend of online meetings due to the pandemic is actually of benefit, no more do you have to dress up and travel to meet someone, taking precious time out of your working day. It is perfectly acceptable to suggest a virtual chat via Zoom or any video platform.

If you’re interested in networking and promoting your services, why not come along to our next event on Thursday 27 January at The Freemasons Arms. We have a special guest speaker, Lindsey Coulson, aka ‘Carol Jackson’ from EastEnders, one of the most popular British soaps. You’ll meet a wide variety of business owners for those all-important future referrals and a caring community of fellow professionals.

Engagement and networking are the key to building your brand and showing people that you mean business!

Hope to meet you on 27th January!


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