New Year’s Resolutions…Keys To Success


Advice based on my experience as a Hypnotherapist & Life Coach to help you succeed with any New Years’ Resolutions or changes you decide to make in your life. Congratulations on your decision, you have succeeded many times before.

Panic, Anxiety & Stress:

Although a person may realise that a panic attack is fuelled by their imagination, it does not curb the frightening and real feelings generated during the experience. The first attack starts without warning and thereafter a person tries to use logic to discover the trigger in order to establish control again. In my experience, there are broadly two types of experience:

  • The attacks start in the late teens or twenties as a person gains more responsibilities and get progressively worse until a plateau is reached.
  • Attacks, which start as a result of a serious or traumatic event e.g. bereavement.

Hypnotherapy can help you deal with stress, anxiety, and panic and give you back control of your emotional responses again.

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