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Certainly! I’m Daniel Torres, and I’m honored to be the franchise owner of Olé Spanish for Everyone in my community. My journey with Olé began at the age of 5 when I joined the club. Growing up in a bilingual household with my Spanish-speaking mother, I was initially fluent in both languages. However, when I started full-time school at the age of 5, I gradually stopped speaking Spanish. The school environment was primarily English, and I felt self-conscious about using Spanish.

Recognizing my diminishing confidence in speaking Spanish, my mother enrolled me in Olé Spanish for Everyone. Through this program, I not only regained my confidence but also rediscovered the joy of speaking, singing, and participating in language-based games at the club. I eagerly embraced every opportunity to engage with Spanish culture, including participating in their organized trips to Spain.

When I turned 17, I even served as a young leader during one of these trips, an experience that left a lasting positive impact and fueled my desire to share this with other students.
As I progressed in my education, I completed my GCSE in Year 9 and achieved an A* in my A-level Spanish studies. Subsequently, I pursued my passion for filmmaking at university, where I wrote scripts in both Spanish and English. I have plans to bring these scripts to life through film production in the near future.
Upon my return from university, amidst the global upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and industry disruptions in Hollywood, I made the decision to become a franchisee. It was clear to me that Olé, with its impressive and long-standing track record, was the ideal choice. Their program played a pivotal role in helping me achieve fluency in Spanish, and I am excited to bring this opportunity to others in my community.

Q: What is it like working with Olé Spanish for Everyone?

A: Working with Olé has been an incredible experience. The company’s curriculum and teaching materials are top-notch, making my job as a tutor enjoyable and effective. The support from the corporate team is fantastic, and I always feel like I’m part of a big, supportive family. Teaching Spanish is not just a job; it’s a true joy, and Olé makes it even more rewarding.

Q: How would you describe the work you do as a franchisee with Olé?

A: Being a franchisee with Olé Spanish for Everyone is a rewarding endeavour. I get to create a positive impact on my students’ lives by helping them learn a beautiful language and embrace a rich culture. Every day, I witness the excitement and growth in my students as they become more proficient in Spanish. It’s a fulfilling experience that goes beyond just running a business.

Q: What makes Olé Spanish for Everyone stand out among other language tutoring companies?

A: Olé distinguishes itself in numerous ways. To begin, our curriculum

is meticulously crafted to be interactive and enjoyable, ensuring that learning Spanish is both fun and enlightening. We place a strong emphasis not only on language acquisition but also on immersing students in the rich tapestry of Spanish culture, providing a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience.
What truly sets Olé apart is our unwavering commitment to innovation and adaptability. We continuously evolve to meet the changing needs of our students, guaranteeing that they consistently receive the finest education available.

It’s worth noting that our CEO is a highly qualified educator with a wealth of experience spanning various educational settings, including primary and secondary schools, both public and private. Her extensive background in diverse educational environments lends invaluable insights to our language teaching methods. She champions a student-centric approach, moving away from traditional methods, even in the face of emerging competitors who employ unproven techniques.
Olé Spanish has proudly served the community for two decades, and many former students, like myself, are eager to collaborate with the organization and make it our own. We receive ongoing training every term, particularly in areas such as the evolving GCSE requirements, ensuring that our students consistently achieve top grades year after year. As a new franchisee, this past summer marked my inaugural season with Olé Spanish, and I take immense pride in having assisted a significant number of students in achieving impressive GCSE results, with scores ranging between 8 and 9.

Q: Can you share some memorable moments or success stories from your time as a franchisee?

A: There are countless memorable moments, but one that stands out is when a young student of mine, who initially struggled with Spanish, confidently delivered a speech in Spanish at a school event. Seeing that transformation and knowing I played a part in it was incredibly rewarding. It’s these moments that remind me of the importance of what I do. Every lesson has something interesting to tell.

Q: How would you describe the overall experience of being a franchisee with Olé Spanish for Everyone?

A: Being an Olé franchisee transcends mere business; it’s a way of life. It’s about nurturing a deep-seated passion for the Spanish language and culture within my community. It’s about crafting a learning experience that is not only educational but also incredibly enjoyable and enlightening for my students. It’s the privilege of belonging to a close-knit network of fellow franchisees and having the unwavering support of a dedicated corporate team. This journey is nothing short of amazing, and I wouldn’t exchange it for anything else.
In stark contrast to the typical demands faced by teachers in traditional educational settings, where meetings, paperwork, and exhaustive planning are the norm, Olé provides a refreshing approach. We receive meticulously planned lessons at the start of each term, and the Head Office is readily accessible for any assistance or inquiries. The professionalism and efficiency with which they address issues are truly unparalleled.
With the soaring demand for our services, I’ve embarked on the path of hiring additional tutors. This strategic move allows them to deliver lessons while I focus on expanding the business. This innovative model opens the door to passive income, affording me more time to dedicate to my filmmaking career and pursue other interests such as writing and illustrating stories.

Q: Any advice for those considering becoming a franchisee with Olé Spanish for Everyone?

A: I would say, go ahead and seize the opportunity! If you have a passion for teaching Spanish, sharing culture, and making a positive impact, Olé provides an incredible platform to accomplish just that. The company’s exceptional support and abundant resources make the journey as a franchisee not only enjoyable but also highly successful. Embrace this opportunity, and you’ll discover it’s not only personally fulfilling but also a great professional venture.
You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the financial potential as well. Personally, I recouped my initial investment within a mere three months, all while maintaining a balanced professional and personal life. The possibilities for earning income are abundant, thanks to the comprehensive support provided by the company. You can teach Spanish to individuals of all ages, from babies and children to teenagers and adults.

Daniel Torres’s story as a franchisee with Olé Spanish for Everyone is a testament to the enriching experiences and rewarding impact that can come with teaching a language you love. If you’re considering a franchise opportunity that combines passion with business, Olé Spanish for Everyone might just be the perfect fit for you. Join Daniel and many others in sharing the joy of learning Spanish with eager students in your community.

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