The Scoliosis Handbook


The Scoliosis Handbook of safe and effective exercises pre and post surgery.

Exercise has been my saviour both physically and mentally, building my confidence and helping to alleviate my pain.

A Personal Trainer for over 23 years, I have extensive knowledge of scoliosis both through my clients’ and my own personal experience from three scoliosis surgeries. Over the years I have trained both young children, adolescents and adults with scoliosis. Some have not needed treatment, others have worn a brace, the more severe curvatures have required surgery.

My scoliosis was discovered in an exercise class when I was 15 years old, by my best friend and her mother, who was the instructor. I was doing a back stretch at the end of a class – hands on the bar, bent over, knees slightly bent, flat back… only mine wasn’t.

Once my parents had received a call from my friend’s mother, I was dragged straight down to our GP. He looked at my spine, made me touch my toes and from then on we were launched into the minefield of scoliosis and began to discover how it would change the direction of my life.

Advised to exercise, I took those sound words to heart and have exercised ever since. My curve was already over 56 degrees and it was just a case of management to prevent surgery for as long as possible so I could finish growing.

My spine had other ideas and decided to fall like a tree – a double curve of 76 and 82 degrees. The centre of my ribs was under my left breast. My rib cage was humped on the right side of my back. My heart and lungs were being crushed.I have had three scoliosis and rib correction surgeries:

1987 – aged 20
1989 – aged 23
2015 – aged 49

I work from my private studio in North London.

Member: NRPT National Register of Personal Trainers

Caroline Freedman, Personal Trainer is a member of Laurel Leaf Networking.

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