September Writes

Autumn in Highgate Wood
Autumn in Highgate Wood

Welcome to our Creative Writes blog and to September…

The change in the air is palpable with the new season.  A time for contemplation, plans and of course, words.

I have been sharing poetry and writing prompts which mark this shift and usher in Autumn. The responses in my creative writing workshops have been very poignant and powerful over the past couple of weeks. I found myself writing a free flow piece focussed around ‘The Last Day of Summer’ which for me, was a couple of weeks ago. It was the last time that I was able to keep the windows open into the evening and wear pumps out – when the light hung on a little longer.

Try this! ‘The Last Day of Summer…’ Set your clock for ten minutes.

I discovered this poem recently and wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it. My writing groups have found it really inspiring:


By Dorothy Lawrenson

This far north, the harvest happens late.

Rooks go clattering over the sycamores

whose shadows yawn after them, down to the river.

Uncut wheat staggers under its own weight.

Summer is leaving too, exchanging its gold

for brass and copper. It is not so strange

to feel nostalgia for the present; already

this September evening is as old

as a photograph of itself. The light, the shadows

on the field, are sepia, as if this were

some other evening in September, some other

harvest that went ungathered years ago.

Autumn in Highgate Wood
Autumn in Highgate Wood


There is also this description of September, in the novel I am currently reading for the Book Group I run, at a Community Centre in Kew –  in addition to teaching the Creative Writing Workshops. If you would like to join a book group, we meet on the last Monday of the month – in the afternoon. The Creative Writing Workshops are every Monday in the daytime. Please email me for details if you are interested in the Book Group or Creative Writing Groups:

“There was a series of squalls after that, with the appearance of the raging wind and rain that often comes in September. It was a terrible month, which ended with a hurricane of enormous proportions.”

The Marriage of Opposites by Alice Hoffman


My wonderful Creative Writes team member Adam Forest-Wilsher and I are working hard behind the scenes to bring you the new Creative Community & Creative Content web pages. It’s really exciting to be able to celebrate the diverse range of teaching that Creative Writes has been delivering in the community since 2009. The Creative Content page introduces a new service that Adam and I are offering for businesses. I will let you know when they launch!


Creative Writing Workshops, September & October 2017, Muswell Hill, North London, N10 :

From Whose Point of View? New! Themed Workshop, Wednesday 27th September 2017, 7.30-9.30pm, North Bank/Muswell Hill Methodist Chuch, N10. This is a brand new Creative Writes Workshop, which we have devised on request from Creative Writes participants, held at our inspirational venue. Find out more here:

Block of Three Workshops, Wednesdays 4th, 11th & 18th October 2017, 7.30-9.30pm, North Bank/Muswell Hill Methodist Chuch, N10. The three consecutive workshops offer an opportunity to get to know your fellow writers, gain writing confidence and try a range of content and ideas – taking a toolbox away with you:

Words & Wine Workshop, Thursday 12th October 2017, 8-10.15pm, secret N10 location!  The Words & Wine Workshops are not listed on our website, please email [email protected] for details and booking. Previous Words & Wine Workshops were sold out. Places are limited and some are already booked. It is a fun, sociable evening with words, wine & cheese. 

One to one Masterclasses: 

Skype sessions:

Masterclasses & Skype one to one sessions are available all year, please contact us to arrange a time that suits you. We have been running one to one classes both face to face and online, since we set up Creative Writes in 2009. This is your chance to Write Your Legacy in any way you wish! Talk to me and we can go from there. 

Gift Vouchers are available for all our workshops, including Skype and Masterclasses:

Comments on this blog post are welcome here. You are welcome to share your writing too.

Bye for now!

Nichola x

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