Two Simple Words That Mean A Lot!

Two Simple Words That Mean A Lot!

A few weeks ago I was called by a very good friend of mine who I know, like and trust, he asked me to spend time with one of his connection, mainly to help out with any introductions I could make that could take this guys business on to the next level = networking at its best!

After agreeing to this I then received an email from this guy, which I hasten to add was longer than war and peace, explaining everything about his business in depth, including videos and links galore = BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

We thereafter arranged a “business meeting” whereby he came into the office and took over an hour and half of my time (which I didn’t mind as givers give). He proceeded to tell me everything about him, his business and what he wanted = HUNTER ALERT!!

During this meeting I made notes of contacts I know within my network; good business people who I know would be a great intro for him, whilst offering them some kind synergy at the same time. At the end of “his” meeting I explained that I’d call all 6 (SIX) connection ASAP letting them know that he’d be in touch. I then followed those calls and our meeting up the very next day with a really nice email to all concerned as that’s the way I roll!!

Over the past week or so every one of my known, liked and trusted contacts has either emailed, called or texts to say THANK YOU so much for the connection. They all spoke to him, three said they’d be using him straight away and had referred him on already = NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL NETWORKING!

The disappointing thing for me is that two weeks on from that meeting I’ve not heard from the guy I referred 6 of my closest contacts on to; no “thank you” or “how can I help you Neil?” = POOR SHOW!

Call me stupid however seeing as I’m a giver by nature I never want, nor expect anything in return, reason being I believe in karma aka what goes around comes around. This stated I will carry on doing what I do as I know its the right way, isn’t it?

The point for my post today is not to name and shame this hunter; on the contrary it’s to remind us all that recognition is something that babies cry for and solider die for, so why not just remember to say THANK YOU?

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