“The Value of a Thank You”

The Value of a Thank You


Let’s face it, without our customers we would not have a business. We would all be sitting in our offices looking at the ceiling, the stock would pile up unsold and staff would probably be playing with their phones. We do need our customers but do we always make them know how important they are?

You have a great product or service so why do you need to do more after you have already closed the deal? I am not a marketing expert but I am a customer. And I know, as you do too, that a happy customer is one that will return and return and will be so happy that they will also recommend you to others. So how can we keep our customers happy? How can we make them feel special?

There are many ways of making customers feel special and many will come naturally to you. Most likely you will treat them how you like to be treated. If you have a shop you will want to make them feel welcomed and if it is a returning customer you will try to remember their preferences. If you provide a service you may use social media to tag them, interact with them, point them out to great articles that would be helpful to them.

The unfortunate reality is that these practices use up a major resource: Your time. You don’t have time, I don’t have time, no one seems to have time. We want to be customer focused and we try the 101 ways to engage with customers recommended by the latest business blog. To me it all comes down to one simple rule: When was the last time you said Thank You?

The end of the year is approaching and all the celebrations that come with this period. You may be planning the staff Christmas dinner but have you planned the Thank You to your loyal customers? You haven’t? Don’t panic, we can help you.

Make it simple, this year-end and show your customers how special they are to you. Treat them to one of our beautifully delicious baskets or hampers. You order, we deliver to your office and we include the Thank You tag, where all you need to do is write it. Do you wish to know more about our products? Then please take a moment to browse at:

We are always very happy to help with any special requests you may have.

Do you want to know how I say thank you to my customers? Well, hopefully you will be on my list for next year and you will find out.     

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