What The Hell Is Going On At Facebook?



As we all know, Facebook is the Prima Donna of social media. Whilst there are several other platforms from which to choose, no other platform has achieved the success of community coherence in the same way.

Of course, Facebook didn’t invent communities. Look back into the past and we can find scientific evidence of the group mentality which began many millions of ages before Mr Zuckerberg was conceived. MZ just cashed in on it by tapping into the human brain which is hardwired neurologically to feel the rewards of emotional connection that community integration brings.

The Facebook membership enables us humans to integrate and to have a place to belong to, giving many isolated people a way to feel wanted.

I was born into a time where social media didn’t even exist. However, I embraced the positivity that it brought and opened a Facebook account. Even though FOMO wasn’t yet a thing ….. I wasn’t going to miss out on the modern way to keep in touch with long-distant family and to be able to check in with what my friends were all up to. My kids were on it, the postman and even the rabbi. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander……

Well, apparently not. It is reported by CNBC that Facebook has taken a negative stance on the subject of menopause.

According to the article by CNBC, Facebook has been blocking advertising female medical conditions such as vaginal dryness but has no problem allowing advertising targeting male erectile disfunction products. Apart from the obvious sexist position that Facebook has taken there is a deeper issue that needs to be addressed.

Now, I’m not actually sure how many of the people who work at Facebook have ever experienced menopause but it strikes me that everyone of those employees have mothers, aunts and grandmas who would know exactly what happens as women age and no longer have the oestrogen required to give us the bounce of youth.

There has been a growing feeling of support and empathy towards women of a certain age and the symptoms of menopause and I am very disappointed in you, Facebook, that you have not taken a more balanced approach to the topic and are undermining “the change of life” and the right for women of the change to be visible.

Frankly, Facebook, its shameful of you.

Many of the groups set up for menopause are a truly important place for conversation and the advertising that follows on is educational. Many of the companies offering safe and certified menopausal products are run by women who truly know the importance of the matter. It is ironic that CNBC revealed this the day after International Woman’s Day and that Facebook doesn’t support the original adopters of the platform.

There can be years of very physical and psychological stages that have serious symptoms, affecting not only the woman herself but partners, children, extended family and the family pet ….many of whom are members of Facebook communities.

So, what happens when a Prima Donna gets so big for its boots and grows out of control? Who should be responsible for the way in which this platform is run and who is answerable for Facebook continuing the support towards the old fashioned and outdated attitude for the unavoidable experience of biological changes?

And ….will Facebook be blocking pregnancy in the future too?

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