7 Unknown iPhone Facts


7 Unknown iPhone Facts

On the 7th day of the 9th month… That doesn’t work.

Tonight (September 7th) at 6pm BST, Apple unveil their latest phone release, the iPhone 7. There are rumours that it might be called the iPhone 6se but who cares? Search iPhone 7 in Google and you’ll witness an SEO war with outlets around the world competing for that number 1 spot. If you don’t care about the iPhone 7 you’re less likely to care about the SEO positions of companies writing about it, but if you said The Telegraph, you’d be a winner. Moving on to more exciting things… Here are 7 things you might have not known about the iPhone.

 1.  There was never an iPhone 

The iPhone started with the 1st gen on June 29th, 2007. Since then there has been a further 12 iPhone models but none of them named the iPhone 2.

2.  1.7% of iPhone users still own and use the iPhone 4.

Impressively, 18% of iPhone users are on the latest iPhone model, the iPhone 6s. The current most popular model is the iPhone 6 taking up 35%. In last place is the iPhone 4 where there are still 1.7% world wide users. Sounds small, but when you consider over 1 billion have been sold that’s still whopping 17 million.

3.   iPhone users are the most loyal.

Not surprising when you consider point 2. iPhone users are far more likely to jump up to another iPhone than Android users likelihood of upgrading to another Android.

4.  The most popular app is…

…Facebook! Quickly followed by Facebook Messenger. Others in the top 10 include YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp.

5.   “Thoughts about my free iPhone app”

How does an app start? Well, in WhatsApp’s case it all started with a post on a forum. Click here to read.

6.  Your iPhone should last 3 years.

But no one really knows. Apple thinks each device will run between 2 & 4 years without falling apart. Mine appears to break every time there’s a new iPhone on sale

7.   Number One Accessory.

Is it a case? Is it a mount? No, it’s a screen protector. The number 1 most popular iPhone accessory on Amazon right now is the iPhone 6 clear screen protector.

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